Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Install HBO GO on nexus 7 Jelly bean

I has subscribe movies, sports streaming service from HBO GO. I had tried to install HBO GO app from Play store and it says it is imcompatible with Nexus 7. Then I downloaded the apk file on computer and sideload to the N7. The installation worked but the app just kept spinning up and would not load any video. How can I install hbo go on nexus 7?

Here is a temporary fix that works for Jelly bean
* First you need to enable Adobe flash player on your tablet.
* Install dolphin 8.5.1 or Scope browser from android market.
For Scope, set flash to Auto in settings
For dolphin, turn off pop-up blocking.
* Then go to HBO GO website on the browser, run the desktop mode, and log into your account. Now you are able to watch HBO GO videos in full Page View.

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