Friday, August 17, 2012

How to transfer game save data from nexus7 to N7

I had installed a few games like Angry Birds, Minecraft PE from Google Play store on my nexus 7 on 07/30. The games were a bargain and great and I had a lot of hours played in it every day. Now I find the tablet has some issues and I want to replace the device. How can I backup and transfer the game save datas to my computer? So I can retore them to the new one. Is it possible to transfer/copy specific data from N7 to N7?

You need to use titanium backup from play store to backup the game and the game data to your computer for safe . Once you have got the new device, install titanium backup on it, copy and pasta the backup file from computer and go to restore the games. Make sure not to restore any system apps.

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