Monday, August 6, 2012

How to Sync Passwords to Nexus 7 from computer

To access your accounts on the websites between Android device and computer, you need to enter the password. It's hard to remember many passwords with Mail and Network. A secure solution is using password manager to sync passwords to your Nexus 7 from computer.

* Make sure you have installed 1Password on your computer, 1Password Reader for Android on the tablet. That also required a Dropbox Account.
* On your Mac or Windows computer, install Dropbox and creat a folder in Dropbox  for KeePass files. Open 1Password, make a new database and enter all your passwords  and save it in the Dropbox folder.
* On the N7, install Dropbox app and sign into your account. Launch 1Password Reader, navigate to Dropbox to import your saved database and key file.

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