Friday, August 10, 2012

How to Sync nexus7 With Windows Media Player

Android is an operating system and allows you to use Windows Media Player to manage all mp3s and playlists. Like syncing the iPhone/iPad with iTunes, it's easy to transfer music between PC and tablet and sync them.

How to Sync nexus 7 With Windows Media Player
* Make sure you computer has installed Windows Media Player 11 or later. Connect nexus 7 using Media Transfer Protocol (MTP) to computer via USB cable.
* Laugch "Windows Media Player", clcik on the "Sync" tab and click "set up the sync" from the drop-down menu on the right side. Select the music files you want to sync to your tablet and drag them to the "Sync List". Then click "Start Sync" button for doing syncing.

If you find some MP3s get "corrupted" on N7, delete them from the device and force WMP to re-syncing. It seems some issues on Windows XP. When plug it to PC, the tablet lists it is connected, but the computer pops up "Found new Hardware Wizard" error message and nothing to do.

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