Thursday, August 16, 2012

How to stream video from Nexus 7 to TV

The Nexus 7 is lack of micro usb to hdmi video output and 3G capabilities until now, so you wonder how the hell you can watch your digital video content on your TV directly from the tablet. Wi-Fi Media - Media on TV help you turn most Android devices into media streaming device and wirelessly stream media to a big screen TV.

How to stream video from Nexus 7 to TV
* Wi-Fi Media is compatible with any Cavium PureVu-compatible streamer. You need to buy HTC's $90 Media Link HD that has HDMI port. Just connect it with your TV.
* Download and install the app on your Nexus 7 tablet. Open the app, go into "My Videos", and select the file to play and choose "Media Link HD" to stream to TV. You can also do that with photos and music.

The app only supports limited content and work pretty much, but doesn't have the capability to mirror your screen and can't handle AVI common file format.

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