Tuesday, August 7, 2012

How to stream music from PC to nexus 7

Instead of storing music and movies on your tablet, you can use your Mac/Windows PC computer as the cloud drive and remotely stream music from the computer to your nexus 7. Wiht Audiogalaxy, it's very simple to access your home library of music.

How to stream music from pc to nexus 7
* You need to create a account from Audiogalaxy.com website, install desktop program on Mac/Windows computer, and Audiogalaxy Music app on the tablet.
* On the computer, the software automatically find your music files and you can point out which to stream. Super easy to set up.
* On the tablet, open the app and you are able to stream music and playlists from your computer. There is no limits on collection size, but it only supports DRM-free MP3s and AAC files.

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