Friday, August 17, 2012

How to Preload YouTube videos on android

The YouTube 4.0.23 version on android has the ability to preload videos while on Wi-Fi for stutter free playback later. This is an awesome new feature for reducing mobile bandwidth. It only works on Android 4.0 ICS and earlier version does not have the featuer.

Preloading the Youtube videos will use your phone/tablet device's storage space. If you don't has enough space on your device, you'd better avoid using this technique. Here is the steps on how to enable preload videos on android.

* First open the YouTube app, open the Menu and choose Settings.
* Choose "Preloading". There are two options in the page: Preload subscriptions and Preload watch later.
* Check both of them to enable, and tap OK button to proceed in the warning screen.


  1. Doesn't work on tablets

  2. Uh yeah... and this site is dedicated to a tablet. What the hell is Google thinking here? I've yet to find a hack to get around this too :-(