Tuesday, August 14, 2012

How to play Avi files to nexus 7

I connect my unrooted Nexus 7 to  Windows XP computer and copy mkv, mp4 video files. They playback fine with MX Player on the tablet. When I try to copy and paste .avi files from the PC to my "Movie" folder, it comes with the following error messages:

"The file may be copied to the device for storage and transport use only.... If you copy the file now, it will be stored on the device but may not be presented on the device user interface. Do you wish to copy the file to the device anyway?"

I select YES, but the MX player can not find and recognize .avi video files. Then I note that other media players should get around this limitation. After installing ES File Explorer and VLC Player from Google Play on the tablet, I open up ES File Explorer to navigate to the AVi, open it with VLC. Now the movie starts playing with no issues.

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