Wednesday, August 8, 2012

How to Install Incompatible Apps on nexus 7

When you come across apps on Google Play Market, some Android apps and games are incompatible with various devices. If you try to install it on unsupported Devices, it shows error message "This app is Incompatible with your Android  device". There are many ways to get these apps to work and here is a more effective method.

* Clear data from Settings 》 Apps 》 Google Play.
* You need to root your Android device. Install ES File Explorer from Google Play on your nexus 7. Launch it,go to Settings 》 Root Settings,enable Root Explorer and Mount File System.
* Navigate to /system, find the build.prop file (backup it first), tap on it and select open with ES Note Editor. Look for the ro.product.model and ro.product.manufacturer lines. If you want to imitate a Galaxy S3, use these lines:
ro.product.model = Galaxy S3
ro.product.manufacturer = samsung
Then save it.

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  1. This doesn't fool the Play Store. I tried changing to a different tablet to download an incompatible tablet app and it's a no.