Monday, August 20, 2012

How to Import Outlook contacts to Nexus 7

A lot of users that have contacts already with Outlook 2007 and need to get them to your new Nexus 7. Here is easy way to export all contacts from Outlook and import them to Nexus 7.

* Open Outlook on your computer and click contacts. Go to File 》Import and Export 》 Select Export to a file - Next 》 Comma Separated Values (Windows) - Next 》Contacts - Next 》 Save it as vCard on your desktop location 》 check "Map Custom Fields" 》Finish.
* Connect your tablet to computer using a USB cable, and copy the  vCard file into N7's internal storage. Then disconnect them.
* Touch the People app from a Home or All Apps screen of the tablet. Tap on Menu 》 Import/Export 》 Import from storage, and select the file. When the processing is complete, you will see your contacts within the people app.

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