Thursday, August 2, 2012

How to encrypt Nexus 7 data with PIN/password

Your Nexus 7 may stores tons of personal information, such as Google Accounts, Email, app data, music, and downloaded information. If the tablet gets into the hands of someone unscrupulous, your data would be dangerous. With the security feature in Android 4.1, you can encrypt all the data on the device by entering a numeric PIN or password to turn on your N7 every time.

* Before doing encryption, Set a lock screen password by going to Setting 》 Security 》Screen Lock. Charge the battery fully and plug in your tablet.
* Encryption is irreversible and takes hours to complete. Duing the process, it will restart a few times. If you go to interrupt it, all data will be lost.

How to turn on encryption with Nexus 7
* From Home screen, touch Settings 》 Personal 》 Security 》Encryption 》 Encrypt tablet. Tap on "Encrypt tablet" button, type in your lock screen PIN or password, and then "Continue".
* Tap Encrypt tablet again to start encrypting.
* If you want to revert it to an unencrypted tablet, makeing a factory data reset.


  1. Once you have encrypted your data, can you access your data when Nexus is connected to your PC (expecially XP)?

  2. Once you have ecnripted your Nexus, can you access your data through a XP PC connected via USB?