Friday, August 10, 2012

How to delete all contacts on Nexus 7

If you need to clear all contacts in the people app, it is tedious to delete them one by one, even with lots of contacts. There is a quick way to delete them all out on Nexus 7.

* Go to Settings 》 Accounts & sync, select your Google account, Facebook or Twitter, and uncheck box with "Sync Contacts".
* Then go to Settings 》 Apps 》 All, select people app and tap on "Clear data" button.
* If you only sync your Nexus 7 with Google Contacts and do not mind losing them, you can also delete all of the contacts from the account on your computer. Login into your Gmail, click Contacts and select them, click More and choose "Delete contacts" from the menu. After syncing, the tablet will remove all completely.

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