Wednesday, August 15, 2012

How to create file/folder shortcut on Home Screen

I have used some pdf files and office documents regularly for work and need to quickly access it from one of my home screens. Instead of adding folder, Shortcut provides a easy way to access these folder with just single touch. How can I  place the file as shortcut on my desktop of Nexus 7?

How to create file/folder shortcut on Homescreen
* You need to install Astro File Manager from Google Play store.
* From any of home screens, long press and select "Add to home screen" option. Tap on Shortcuts and select Astro.
* Browse and select the file/folder and tap OK button. Finally the the folder shortcut is on the screen. That works for various files, folder and songs.


  1. When I long press on any home screen I only get options for selecting wallpaper, not "Add to home screen."

  2. Same here, I only get "Choose wallpaper from", no "Add to home screen".

  3. Use pretty much any file manager. Hold on the file and you will get options; one of them being "Shortcut."
    This will put a short cut on your desktop that can be moved and organized the same as the app icons.

  4. This doesn't solve the solution of having a link directly to your pdf on your home screen.

  5. This doesn't solve the this issue of adding a pdf to one of your home screens either as a link or direct access to the file.

  6. How to make shortcuts folder/group on nexus 7
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    I was looking a way to make shortcuts group/folder on my Nexus7 on web. All those techniques are either abortive or through root access. But while playing around with icon shortcuts on the home screen, I came to know that its a simplest way to accomplish group of shortcuts; by dragging one icon on to another we can make them as a group.
    So simple! how foolish was me to think rooting my device :)