Monday, August 27, 2012

How to Configure on nexus 7

If you have renamed your account or registered  a  account with Microsoft, you might need to add it to your Android phone/tablet. Here is the tip on how to setup on nexus 7.

* From the Apps menu, select Email.
* Touch Menu > Settings > Add Account.
* From setup wizard,  type your full email address ( *** and password in the field, and then select Next button.
* Select Microsoft Exchange (ActiveSync) account as your email service provider.
* Enter your username and password and select Next > Manual Setup.
* Enter your email address, username(Make sure to add, password, and type in the server address, Domail (let it empty)
* Tap Next to authenticated your account.
* In the synchronize options, check which to sync:  Mail, Calendars or Contacts. And configure update schedule to  check for new messages.

Links: Official app for android Downlaod

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