Tuesday, August 14, 2012

How to clear firefox cache and history on nexus 7

After I browse my favorite website in firefox tablet Android app , the firefox seems to be slow and I really want to clear its cache and delete history items on my nexus 7. How can I clear the browsing history?

To manually clear Firefox history, you need to use Clear Mobile History add-on.
* Touch the Main Menu button in the upper right corner of the screen and select Add-ons from the popup menus.
* In the Add-ons screen, Tap in the search box and enter "Clear Mobile History" to search. When the add-on is found, expand it and  select "Add to Firefox".
* From the main screen, tap the Main Menu button again, go to  Preferences. Scroll down and you will see the Clear History button. Tap on it to remove all items results and History from the All Pages.

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  1. Here is another option, Open up the Firefox browser, Tap on the menu in the top right hand corner, Then tap on Settings. Then under Privacy & Security, tap on the Clear private data, Then a table will open up, giving you lots of options to clear. Search and Browsing History, Cookies, Cache, Passwords etc. :o) Loving my Nexus 7 its my first tablet, Thanks so much for all the info,that your providing.