Saturday, August 11, 2012

How to change DNS Server on nexus 7

On my Windows 7 computer, I am able to switch to open DNS or Google Public DNS address and speed up the internet and make Youtube video streaming smoothly. Now I am wondering how to edit the DNS server address on nexus 7 to resolve the loading slow issue over WiFi. Is there a way to change that?

How to change DNS Server on nexus 7
* Go to Setting 》 Wireless & Networks, press and hold the active wireless network and select "Modify Network" from the menu. Check "Show advanced options", change "IP settings" to "Static" and enter DNS in the both DNS 1 and 2 fields. Then power cycle your tablet.
* Set DNS is a android app that forces your device to use custom nameservers on WiFi. But it does not currently work with 4.1 jelly bean. That makes texts sending delays.

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