Saturday, August 4, 2012

How to attach multiple files in email on nexus 7

I am always able to send and receive emails from my nexus 7. When I try to attach files from GMail app on the tablet, it only allows me to navigate to the folder to attach a photo and video at a time. How can I attach multiple files to an email in nexus 7?

How to Attach multiple photos or multiple videos to Gmail
* Open the Gallery app, tap on Share from the Menu button and select Gmail. Select several files and touch the OK/Share. A draft message with all things already attached will be created by Gmail.
* Attachments [Gmail Attach] app also allows you to attach photos, videos,  office documents, songs and other files in a single email.

How to attach any file to an email
* First you need to install ES File Explorer from Play store.
* Launch the app, tap the Select button to start Multi-Select.
* Tap on any file you want to attach. Select Menu 》 Operations 》Share,and choose Gmail or mail app. Then all files are attached to a blank email message. You can also compress the selected multiple files into a single archive file (ZIP, RAR), and then attach it to mail.

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