Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Google music couldn't play the track you requested

I have transferred one album with mp3/WMA file from computer to my music folder in internal storage of Nexus 7 tablet. When I launch the "Google Music" application and try to play any song on the album, I get the error "music playback error couldnt play the track you requested". But I can play the songs through astro manager or ES File Explorer application, but not working from the Music app. My Xoom also have the same issues after the ICS upgrade.

The Android cache using to keep track of all the music has gotten out of synch with the actual contents of your Nexus 7. So the Google Music couldn't play the music file. You can try these steps to fix the issues:
First erase all the music on the tablet, touch Settings 》 Apps 》 Media Storage, and tap on "Clear Data", then re-add all music onto the N7.

The Rescan Media app from Google Play store also help you do that. If the stock music app is still has the issue, try using others media player.

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  1. Finally found something what worked for me. No deleting, no complicated instructions - just music on demand. :)

    Go to Settings/Storage and scroll down until you find "unmound SD Card", click it. Then go to Google Play Settings and click refresh. This seams to crear the cache since no other files are found in the phone. Now go again to Settings/Storage and scroll down until you find "Mound SD Card", click it and restart the phone.