Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Google Calendar Subscriptions show on Nexus 7

I have subscribed the Sports calendars to through Google calendar. The desktop version of google calendar shows the subscriptions with sport team schedules on my computer, but only some of the calendars show up on my Nexus 7 and RAZR MAXX. How can I get subscribed calendars to show on Android phone/tablet?

It is an old problem and done intentionally by Google. There are some workaround which may solve the problem.
* Tap on Calendar app, go to Menu 》 Settings,make sure all of those calendars are selected. Go to Settings 》 Accounts & Sync 》Select your google account, and toggle Sync Calendar off and then ON.
* Deleted the calendar subscriptions. and add it again.
* Export the Calendar to CSV file on computer, and create a new calendar to import the file.

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