Sunday, August 19, 2012

Free up nexus7 internal memory using App Cache Cleaner

Everytime you launch android apps on your nexus 7, such as Google Play, Chrome and Youtube, the system drops some temporary files data into the built-in storage automatically. When the the cache reaches a certain size, it will make your tablet slow down and run down the performance. So you need to use some tools to clear up.

App Cache Cleaner (INFOLIFE LLC) is clearing application that offers a quick way to clean all cached files on phone/tablet and free lots of storage memory. It doesn't require android users to root the device.

After running it, you can wipe off unnecessary cache of an specify app from the lists or use auto-clear option to get rid of all cached files. It also truly has a one-tap cleaning widget. The app works fine on nexus 7 and is capable of addressing a handful of performance issues.

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