Thursday, August 16, 2012

Enable Nexus7 multi touch gestures

If you want to use iPad style multi-touch-enabled gesture controls on your nexus 7, GMD GestureControl can do the job. The Android app offers handy multi-touch and multi-task gestures which work in all applications. You can use a gesture to hide the status bar for making apps in full-screen, by swiping upwards from the extreme bottom edge of screen using two fingers.

GestureControl presents users with several multi-touch gestures and custom actions to do lots things, such as directly return to your homescreen, open previous app and kill current app. However, it only works rooted Android phone/tablet.

The GestureControl Lite (free) has basic features and its paid version is available with $5.10 in the Google Play Store and brings "create custom gestures" and other better features.

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