Sunday, August 19, 2012

dodocase HARDcover for Nexus 7 (Smart Cover) review

The popular case manufacturer DODOcase has released their nice professional looking case "HARDcover for Nexus 7". The hard case is folio-style design and looks like a hard-bound book, coming with different color options (red, blue and black), multiple viewing angles and smart cover magnets.
* dodocase HARDcover for Nexus 7 is extremely slim lines and slimmer than TreeGloo/Portenzo.
* Fits the tablet.
* All corners are cut off and ports are full accessed. However, it's a little hard to press the volume and power button.
* There is a small embedded magnet near the lower right of the sticker on the left-hand side. That's used to force the Nexus 7 to have wakeup/sleep functions.
* You can watch movies by prop it up, but can't get real low-angle viewing.
* You might get some creaking sounds with it while playing music.

HARDcover for Nexus 7 costs $34.95 on That is cheaper but good quality.

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