Friday, August 10, 2012

Delete Instant Uploads photos in Gallery on nexus 7

There is a Instant Uploads folder in the Gallery app on my nexus 7. I open the folder and long press any photo, but no option pop up to delete it. I tried using Astro File Manager to delete upload pics  and also turned off instant uploads on the desktop version of Google+. Then open Gallery app again on the N7. However, these pictures are still there. Does you know how to delete photos from instant uploads in gallery app?

* If you have used a Google+ account on the tablet, go to Settings 》 Accounts & Sync 》 select your account, and uncheck "sync google photos". Then use your google+ account on computer and delete albums from there.
* For picasa, you need to access picasa website from web browser and go to delete the instant photo album.

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