Monday, August 13, 2012

Connect Nexus 7 to Windows XP/vista/7

There is Windows xp usb MTP driver issues with Nexus 7. I have adb working just fine on windows Xp pro and ubuntu, but can't get MTP to work. Windows Xp deteces "Found New Hardware" and device manager shows the errors message "No drivers are installed for this device."

How to fix the MTP issues on Windows XP/vista/7
* On your computer, make sure it has installed Windows Media Player 11 as MTP or microsoft MTP Porting Kit.
* Download Android USB Drivers from ASUS website and extract the files.
* In Device Manager, select Nexus 7 device and right click, choose  "update driver" 》install from a list or specific location 》 Include this location in the search 》 browse button and select the extracted  folder 》 Next, and start the installation.

Then enable USB debugging on the tablet and then it is recognized by Windows Explorer. Worked perfectly.


  1. When i try to put a movie in the movie folder, or any files except mp3 on the google nexus, "file type not supported." error message pops up

  2. I was successful in going to the Asus site directly and getting the driver (one benefit is that there are no trust concerns in getting the driver from the Asus site).

    The final trick was to manually point your PC to the downloaded usb driver folder when within the Device Manager setup (Right click on My Computer, select Properties, Hardware tab and click the Device Manager button).

    Thank you very much! After many wasted hours the issue has been solved for me and the Nexus 7 finally shows up (as a mobile phone icon :-). Thanks again!!

  3. Worked for me. Thank you!!!

    I went to the Asus site directly and found the driver (with the additional benefit of avoiding trust issues in the downloading of the driver). After that following the instructions given above worked simply and directly. It is important to install from a specific location (of the downloaded usb driver folder) as xp would not be able automatically locate the driver.

    After many frustrating hours on this issue the simply solution given above has finally allowed me to now see the Nexus 7 (as a mobile icon :-).

    Thank you again!!!

  4. Followed your instructions with nexus plugged in, then went into debug mode and a notification appeared saying found new hardware: nexus.

    It's then made me go back into the found new hardware wizard, asked me if i wanna install automatically or choose from a specific location, so i choose the same folder as before (is this right?)and then it says the hardware cannot be installed because it can't find the right software.

    arghhhh why is this so difficult?

  5. because the usb cable that comes with the nexus 7 is crap. we've all wasted so much time with this is makes me sick.

  6. we've all wasted so much time and gotten so frustrated over this all because asus or google won't just tell us the cable they gave us is a cheap piece of shit.