Thursday, August 30, 2012

Close all apps at once on Nexus 7 or android phone

If you always switch from the android apps or games on Nexus 7 or android phone, some of them will be running in the background and use out of memory or battery life, like GPS. You have to re-open active app and close all to save battery. Rebooting the device can force all open apps to close fresh at once, but that takes a long time.

Advanced Task Killer is android app that help you  kill all open android apps at once on Nexus 7 or android. How can I do that?

* Install Advanced Task Killer from Google Play Store on your tablet. And open it.
* In main screen, Tap on "Active Apps" tab. You will see a "Exit All" button next to active applications. Tap on it to close all apps at once.  you can also kill one individually in the running apps lists. However, it is no way to close android services and processes like Settings within Task Manager.

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