Monday, August 6, 2012

Best password manager for Nexus 7

With a secure password manager application, you can get a way to secure and manage all of your user IDs and passwords in  your digital life. The app generates complex passwords in an encrypted file and help you make the safe to get access to your data. There are lots of excellent password management services integrated with Android.

Best password manager for Nexus 7
* 1Password is high-quality service and comes with Windows/Mac software and mobile apps. 1Password Reader is the read-only Android app and you need to get the password file in Dropbox. Once open it, you have to enter your 1Password password to unlock it, long-press on the password wich you want to use and then automatically copy it to the clipboard.
* LastPass offers password management to handle and encrypt your passwords and store them on the LastPass server. It supports using the free Google Authenticator app for two-factor authentication.
It's integrated with browser. Just tap on any site to log in. In the status bar, you can paste in the user name and password from notification. LastPass also allows you to edit of login details.
* KeePass is a free and open source password app. Like 1Password, you should manually add the encrypted file to Dropbox and sync it on Nexus 7. The KeePassDroid app gives you maximum of control on the tablet, such as edit file and user-selectable time-outs.

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