Thursday, August 23, 2012

Best nexus 7 Voice Recording app

If you have a Google nexus 7, voice recording apps can help you record notes, sound, classes, lectures and interviews. Google Play store have lots of voice recording Android apps that range in price and quality. I am using some  dictation tool with rich features on my tablet.

* Voice Recorder (Free) by Mamoru Tokashiki
The handy app is probably the most popular voice recorder. The best option is the ability to record quick notes to yourself when you don't have pen and paper or are driving. Good for recording your brilliant idea.
In addition, you can set it to start on a timer without pressing record button and easily search your files by title and date.

* Tape-a-Talk Voice Recorder
This is a high quality voice recorder with customizable bit-rates. It supports unlimited length, running in the background and save audio as .wav/.3gp file.
The Pro Version allows you to do fast-forwar, cut/edit/repair  file and add Home screen widget.
In a slightly noisy environment, the source close to the device  sounds crisp. Highly recommend it for those who do adhoc recording.

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  1. There seems to be a built in voice recorder with the nexus 7, I only just found this out after toying with a mock iphone 5 app from the playstore, it basically tries to make your android device look exactly like it does on IOS, not only that but the icons actually work, by tapping calendar it will open the google calendar app etc, if any one is familiar with IOS then you will know there is a voice memos app built in to it, and so does this mock app, well to my surprise it opened up an app called sound recorder, which I have never seen before and it actually works, as I can locate the file in file in file manager,