Thursday, August 2, 2012

Best Music Apps for Nexus 7

Using some of the amazing Android apps, you can turn your Nexus 7 into a great mp3 player. You can tune into radio stations worldwide, get lyrics of the playing song, and organizes music. The N7 doesn't have any 3G or 4G LTE, so the music app working without an internet connection is the best.

Best Music Apps for Nexus 7
* Pandora internet radio is a personalized radio service that streams hundreds of music and comedy genre stations to your tablet. I have a Pandora One subscription and often listen music at home. Great, but sometimes song stops in the middle.
* Rhapsody is the online music subscription service offering High Quality (HQ) music with different types of genres and artists. You can create playlists and download music to playback offline. It's amazing.
* Stitcher Radio - News & Talk has radio shows, live stations, and podcasts on demand. I use it to catch up on radio broadcasts. In addition, I upload all songs to Google Play Music and save my favorites for offline playback.

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