Friday, August 10, 2012

Best Alarm clock app for Nexus 7

There are several of Alarm clock utilities on the Google Play app market. I have tested some popular ones and find that Alarm Clock XTreme is simple and useful and has more rich feature than others. The app is mostt highest rated alarm clock and timer for Nexus 7.

Alarm Clock Xtreme (Angle Labs) has lots of features, such as support multiple alarms in 12/24 hour formats, auto-dismiss, set alarm sound with song, display a countdown timer and customize background and color. It feels like the built-in alarm. With solve math problems or using snooze button, it prevents you from turning off the alarm accidentally.

The only major drawback is that for its backup options. The app has been backing up to "AlarmClockXtreme/backup" on my Nexus 7, but I can't see such folder on my computer using MTP (Android File Transfer). And I also can't restore the alarms setting on the tablet.

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