Thursday, August 2, 2012

Astrid Task/To-do List Manager for Nexus 7

If you are searching task to-do app for using your Nexus 7 tablet as an aid to productivity, Astrid Task/To-do List really can help you cut down on the procrastination. The app has a rich tablet interface and easy to use on HD displays. It allows you to get GPS/Location based reminders, have subtasks, lists, and widgets, and automatic sync with Google Tasks.

I have been using Astrid Task Manager on my tablet for a long time. Now it becomes my personal assistant.  I always have only about 30 tasks, but it seems to be slowing down and causes the device to be unusable. It also doesn't support multiple google account at a time and I have to sync manually. Totally, it's excellent app that integrates well with Google tasks.

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  1. Hey there, I'm Henry and I work at Astrid. Glad to hear that you're enjoying Astrid on your Nexus 7! I'd love to say thanks and stay in touch, so when you have a chance please send me an email: henry at on Astrid Task/To-do List Manager for Nexus 7