Saturday, August 11, 2012

AirPlay Streaming to Apple TV from nexus 7

I have only used apple products (iPhone 4 and Apple TV 2nd) in the past. Just get with this new Nexus 7 tablet. Apple obviously does not allows an Android device to airplay or mirror to its Apple TV. Is there a way to enable it on the tablet? How can I do that?

doubleTwist Player is a third party app which describes itself as "iTunes for Android". It help you easily manage your iTunes content (music, playlists, podcast and video) on your nexus 7 with a Mac/Windows computer, and provides AirSync function over WiFi. With new feature, you are able to stream music, videos and photos to Apple TV, Xbox, PS3 and Sonos devices.

To activate AirPlay, you need to purchase AirSync with $4.99  upgrade. When open the DoubleTwist app on your N7 tablet, go to Setting 》 AirTwist & AirPlay 》 Enable streaming, and select Allow to active. Then start playing a video or song, tap on the WiFi-like icon on the lower right and choose Apple TV(OA).

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