Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Adjust audio playback speed on nexus 7

Do you often listen to podcasts or audiobooks and want to get them faster than normal speed? Is there a free android music player with the ability to adjust playback speed? Any suggestion?

Audio Speed Changer can help you modify the playback speed of audio files on your nexus 7 in realtime, without changing any audible pitch. The app sets the playback speed of mp3 or wav file slower or faster, by as little as 0.25x and as much as to  200%. The paid pro version can also change pitch and supports  ogg, mp4, aif, wma, flac, ac3 formats.

I use it with audiobooks and listen at 2x over a longer period of time. So much quicker and works perfectly on the tablet. It would be better if you can control with hot keys.

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