Friday, August 31, 2012

How to remove bloatware on Nexus 7

I only use Nexus 7 as internet browsing device and I consider some built-in android applications to be bloatware, such as Google Earth, the People, Email app. They clutter the OS system and drain memory resources.

How to remove bloatware on Nexus 7 tablet
* Go to Setting and select Apps.
* Tap on All tab and choose the built-in system application  that you want to disable.
* Tap on Disable, select OK button to confirm it. Then the app  will be putted at bottom of the list and you can re-enable it anytime. It is impossible to remove bloatware without rooting.

If you want to completely freeze or uninstall preinstalled Android Bloatware, you need to use third-party Gemini App Manager on yout rooted tablet.

Hulu plus streaming unavailable 91 on nexus 7

I have installed the new version of hulu plus on nexus 7 from Google Play store. It has a nice UI with a brand new style. When I try to play video through the app, I get an error message "streaming unavailable [91]"

My tablet is stock, not rooted. But all other streaming apps work fine on both of my home network and work network. How to fix the issues?

* Hulu only works in US. Make sure you has WiFi connection.
* You can try installing the old version of Hulu Plus to get it working.
* Ensure you have the latest official update for your tablet.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

How to delete download movies/tv shows on Nexus 7

Nexus 7 have only 8GB and 16GB storage, storing couple of things would run up memory and get low storage warning. Here is the tips on how to fix the issues.

* Delete downloaded files or stuff
Tap on Apps and open Downloads App. It contains all downloaded files, such as videos or music. Choose unwanted files and tap on "Trash" icon to remove them.

* Delete offline movies or tv shows from Google Play
If you have purchase and downloaded free/paid movies from Play store, they won't show up in downloads folder.

Tap on Google Play app, go to Movies > My Movies. There is a blue pin next with your offline videos. Tap on blue pin to delete movies.Then go to TV Shows > My Shows, tap on the pin to remove unwanted offline TV shows.

Notes: You can still play them on your tablet over WiFi network.

Close all apps at once on Nexus 7 or android phone

If you always switch from the android apps or games on Nexus 7 or android phone, some of them will be running in the background and use out of memory or battery life, like GPS. You have to re-open active app and close all to save battery. Rebooting the device can force all open apps to close fresh at once, but that takes a long time.

Advanced Task Killer is android app that help you  kill all open android apps at once on Nexus 7 or android. How can I do that?

* Install Advanced Task Killer from Google Play Store on your tablet. And open it.
* In main screen, Tap on "Active Apps" tab. You will see a "Exit All" button next to active applications. Tap on it to close all apps at once.  you can also kill one individually in the running apps lists. However, it is no way to close android services and processes like Settings within Task Manager.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Auto Syncing Dropbox Folders with nexus 7

The official Dropbox for Android allows you to browse the files and  manually upload specific files, but lacks of syncing functionality. Dropsync is a useful app that offers full two-way syncing a folder on nexus 7 with your Dropbox account and keeps photos and videos between your Android phone, Mac and PC at all times. Its Pro version features sync multiple folders and the whole Dropbox with a folder on your device.

Once installed DropSync, you can set up it to create a new folder to sync with or sync the contents with another folder in your Dropbox account, like using the desktop dropbox software. Now many things are automated itself on my tablet.

Titanium Media Sync is also powerful, but it only syncs in one direction, without doing simultaneous 2-way sync.

How to Configure on nexus 7

If you have renamed your account or registered  a  account with Microsoft, you might need to add it to your Android phone/tablet. Here is the tip on how to setup on nexus 7.

* From the Apps menu, select Email.
* Touch Menu > Settings > Add Account.
* From setup wizard,  type your full email address ( *** and password in the field, and then select Next button.
* Select Microsoft Exchange (ActiveSync) account as your email service provider.
* Enter your username and password and select Next > Manual Setup.
* Enter your email address, username(Make sure to add, password, and type in the server address, Domail (let it empty)
* Tap Next to authenticated your account.
* In the synchronize options, check which to sync:  Mail, Calendars or Contacts. And configure update schedule to  check for new messages.

Links: Official app for android Downlaod

Sunday, August 26, 2012

How to Disable Screen Animations in Android 4.1

Without any rooting or tinkering, it is easy to make your Android phone/tablet get amazing boost in performance and screen transitions by disabling animations. If your nexus 7 feels tardy and has any touchscreen problems, try the following tip to make transition between apps, tasks instantly. This works on both of Android 4.0 Ice cream sandwich and 4.1 jelly bean.

How to Disable Screen Animations in Android
* Navigate to "Settings", and tap on "Developer Options".
* Scroll down and you will see the "Window animation scale" and "Transition animation scale" options.
* Tap on each of the settings and check "Animation off".

After turned them off, I am having less touchscreen problems with N7 so far.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Best nexus 7 Voice Recording app

If you have a Google nexus 7, voice recording apps can help you record notes, sound, classes, lectures and interviews. Google Play store have lots of voice recording Android apps that range in price and quality. I am using some  dictation tool with rich features on my tablet.

* Voice Recorder (Free) by Mamoru Tokashiki
The handy app is probably the most popular voice recorder. The best option is the ability to record quick notes to yourself when you don't have pen and paper or are driving. Good for recording your brilliant idea.
In addition, you can set it to start on a timer without pressing record button and easily search your files by title and date.

* Tape-a-Talk Voice Recorder
This is a high quality voice recorder with customizable bit-rates. It supports unlimited length, running in the background and save audio as .wav/.3gp file.
The Pro Version allows you to do fast-forwar, cut/edit/repair  file and add Home screen widget.
In a slightly noisy environment, the source close to the device  sounds crisp. Highly recommend it for those who do adhoc recording.

How To Remote Wipe lost Nexus 7 data

When your Nexus 7 is lost or stolen, it's so important to erase all your personal and business information data on the device with a remote wipe. The Android 4.1 platform doesn't have the security feature with remote wipe capabilities, and the Nexus 7 is lack of 3G network and SIM slot.

It seems it is possible to have remote wipe by 3rd party apps. McAfee WaveSecure is the highly regarded app that secures your Android device and personal data and allows you to locate and track the device. Once you have lose the tablet and others connect it to WiFi network, you could remotely lock it from the web, and wipe all data.

Nexus 7 recovery mode not working

After I update my nexus 7 to jelly bean 4.1.1 and try to boot into stock recovery mode, I got the little green dude with the red marker on top and fail to get into recovery mode. It says that it is read-only, and doesn't allow me to rename or change. it. Using both CWM and TWRP Recovery get the same issues.

Sirius Applications Limited developer has released Quick Boot (Reboot) Android app in the Goolge Play store. It help you load into Recovery and Bootloader with one tap. First load into Fastboot Mode, connect Nexus 7 and Mac/PC computer via USB cable and then get into recovery mode quickly and easily. Hope Google fix the bug as soon as possible.

How to Upload YouTube Videos from Nexus 7 Directly

Youtube is my favorites online video site. There are some cool videos on my nexus 7 but I can't figure out how to upload it to YouTube from my tablet directly.

* YouTube has made uploading videos pretty easily on Android platform.
* Open YouTube app from the device. If you have setup an Google Account, it will directly sign in. If not, click "Sign in" at the top right of the page using a YouTube account.
* Touch the Account tab and you will find the option of Upload icon. Tap on it to direct to the  media gallery storing all of your videos and photos.
* Open an album and select the desire file you want to upload, then present the title, description, tag for your video. The step is like the stock upload interface on PC.
* Touch Upload button. The processing time depends on network speed and your video size.
* Then it will show a web link for you to share with your friends.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Import/stream music, video and photos from flash drive to Nexus 7

Nexus 7 has only the OTG or On-The-Go capabilities and don't allow the booting of a USB drive or SD card for storage. That makes it really difficult to view or load content onto the tablet. Nexus Media Importer by HomeySoft has solved this storage problem and offers a software works-around.

Connect a USB drive or SD card reader to the N7 using a microUSB to USB OTG Converter Cable. Then open the "Nexus Media Importer" app and select the file. Then you are able to stream music, movies and photos and import other files from the mounting external storage, without require rooting.

The app is still work in progress. You can not save or export  anything to the USB drive or SD card which comes with read-only.
After playing with this app for a hour, I find it works better and is simpler than StickMount.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Setup Locations in Google Now Traffic Cards

Android 4.1 Jelly Bean bring up the "Google Now" feature that automatically supplies you weather,traffic and sports information as you need. To make Google Now Traffic Cards working correctly, you need to set up your home and work locations. That tell what buses are next, traffic conditions and alternate routes before you leave for work.

* Make sure you have enabled location services.
* From your Android phone/tablet, open the Google Maps app, tap on Maps and select "Location History". Tap on the three vertical dots (menu button) in lower right. Tap on each of "Change work location" and "Change home location" options and set up the location. Then you can see Travel Time card in the Google Now area.
* To update an individual Google Now card, touch the Google Search bar on Home screen, tap the three vertical dot (menu) on the card and choose "Setting".

Poetic Slimline Portfolio Nexus 7 Case iPad style

I have discovered the iPad style clamshell cases while browsing Amazon. This black Slimline is Poetic Slimline Portfolio Case for Google Nexus 7 Android Tablet by Asus, which comes with a sturdy folder design, stand functionality and protects the screen and the back side. The case is been discussed lots on Android forums.
* Poetic Slimline Portfolio Case for Nexus 7 is made with high-quality flexible PU that lets you snap on/off easily.
* The interior is microfiber style lining that prevent from getting dusts and scratching.
* To get multiple view positions for wathing videos or typing email, just rolling back the cover.
* The magnetic cover has sleep/wake function. It automatically wakes up N7 upon opening and puts into sleep mode when closing.
* Easily access the Power/Volume buttons, charging port, and speakers.
* 3 Year Manufacturer Warranty From Poetic
* I have sent my google asus case back for a refund and preordered it.

Amazon Links

How to Import Outlook contacts to Nexus 7

A lot of users that have contacts already with Outlook 2007 and need to get them to your new Nexus 7. Here is easy way to export all contacts from Outlook and import them to Nexus 7.

* Open Outlook on your computer and click contacts. Go to File 》Import and Export 》 Select Export to a file - Next 》 Comma Separated Values (Windows) - Next 》Contacts - Next 》 Save it as vCard on your desktop location 》 check "Map Custom Fields" 》Finish.
* Connect your tablet to computer using a USB cable, and copy the  vCard file into N7's internal storage. Then disconnect them.
* Touch the People app from a Home or All Apps screen of the tablet. Tap on Menu 》 Import/Export 》 Import from storage, and select the file. When the processing is complete, you will see your contacts within the people app.

Navigation Bar Not Responding after flashing

My Nexus 7 worked fine for about a month. After flashing the Android 4.1.1 JRO03D factory image file downloaded from android developers website over the tablet by fastboot, the lockscreen and navigation bar stop responding and the functional buttons become un-touch. I could get in by opening my notifications, but then no way to go back home screen. Try re-flashing still gets the same problem.

I think it is a hardware causing the issues. The tablet is just being bricking device. The right direction is to returning it to the store and getting a replacement as quickly.

How to Install Linux Ubuntu on nexus 7

I have bought a Google Android Tablet and was wondering if I could install one of the Linux distros onto it. It sounds far more plausible. Is there any way to install Ubuntu, Debian, Linux Mint or any other distro on my nexus 7?

You can run chrooted Linux (a virtual OS) under Android OS and the Android OS will work fully and normally. First of all, you should have your tablet "rooted" with root access right.

There is "Complete Linux Installer" available in the Google Play store. The app let you to install its own busybox to launch Ubuntu, Backtrack or Debian on the nexus 7. It starts great and is responsive considering and runs smoothly. Only problem is the VNC server won't start because of the invalid resolution.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Razer Ferox Gaming Nexus 7 Speakers

Nexus 7 is straightforward build with two speakers and the sound is horrible for me, so I am looking for nice speakers that face out towards each side on the tablet. After trying various external brand names speakers, I find they are not good enough to hear. Then I note that Amazon sells a few different models of Razer speakers and I purchased Razer Ferox Mobile Gaming Speakers (RZ05-00500100-R3) last week.
I use them with the included 3.5mm plug. When I play music from my Nexus 7, the sound are really 360°Omni-directional and richness. It also comes up the beautiful stereo. The small speaker works fine at max volume and much louder than I would expect. Then I try movies and Pandora, the sound from it is amazing. They don't create enough sound like any 2.1 speaker system, but do a good job. I will try adding a BT dongle to the 3.5mm plug to make wireless.

Razer Ferox Mobile Gaming Speakers (RZ05-00500100-R3) features digitally enhanced amplifier efficiency and powerful bass. Easy to take it around in the carrying case. They also also come with a mini usb port and a usb charge wire.

Markers drawing app for Nexus 7

When I am bored while waiting for the bus, I would like to turn to my Android smartphone or tablet for practicing some painting styles and brush strokes. After searching for Android apps for freehand drawing or doodling in the Google Play, I find a simple pressure-sensitive drawing app called Markers. The app is finger friendly and supports multi touch.

Markers is simple for quick paper prototypes and works really well on my Nexus 7 tablet Jelly Bean. The pressure sensitivity is fast and great and make me to ruin all other drawing apps. I feel a nice sharp response. More brush sizes options, undo button and layer function would be great.

Todo.txt Touch for Android task manager

Gina Trapani developer has released Todo.txt Touch 1.0 for Android. The app is started as a command line shell script and has became a simple To Do list app. You just enter the task you need to remember into the app. Different with other todo apps, it stores your list as a text file in your Dropbox storage space and automatically syncs across Android devices and all your computers via Dropbox.

With Todo.txt Touch, you are able to add, update and prioritize tasks, tag them with project names and contexts. Easy to search, filter, and mark items. The task manager  is a command line interface but works great for making gifts, groceries lists. It is also easily read on my Mac without the app. If the widget could be reliable, that's great.

dodocase HARDcover for Nexus 7 (Smart Cover) review

The popular case manufacturer DODOcase has released their nice professional looking case "HARDcover for Nexus 7". The hard case is folio-style design and looks like a hard-bound book, coming with different color options (red, blue and black), multiple viewing angles and smart cover magnets.
* dodocase HARDcover for Nexus 7 is extremely slim lines and slimmer than TreeGloo/Portenzo.
* Fits the tablet.
* All corners are cut off and ports are full accessed. However, it's a little hard to press the volume and power button.
* There is a small embedded magnet near the lower right of the sticker on the left-hand side. That's used to force the Nexus 7 to have wakeup/sleep functions.
* You can watch movies by prop it up, but can't get real low-angle viewing.
* You might get some creaking sounds with it while playing music.

HARDcover for Nexus 7 costs $34.95 on That is cheaper but good quality.

Free up nexus7 internal memory using App Cache Cleaner

Everytime you launch android apps on your nexus 7, such as Google Play, Chrome and Youtube, the system drops some temporary files data into the built-in storage automatically. When the the cache reaches a certain size, it will make your tablet slow down and run down the performance. So you need to use some tools to clear up.

App Cache Cleaner (INFOLIFE LLC) is clearing application that offers a quick way to clean all cached files on phone/tablet and free lots of storage memory. It doesn't require android users to root the device.

After running it, you can wipe off unnecessary cache of an specify app from the lists or use auto-clear option to get rid of all cached files. It also truly has a one-tap cleaning widget. The app works fine on nexus 7 and is capable of addressing a handful of performance issues.

Send/receive SMS text messages on Nexus 7

I have a Motorola DROID RAZR MAXX smartphone and a Nexus 7 tablet. I am wonder is there a way to send and receive text messages on Nexus 7 wihtout Google voice account. I am able to do the similar effect way  from my computer using MightyText app. Is there a android supporting that? How can I do that on my N7 as well as my phone?

* Tablet Talk is comprehensive SMS app that allows you to send and receive text messages on your tablet using your Phone Number over WiFi or Bluetooth. Setup is easy. Just connect your N7 and DROID to the WiFi network and sending SMS is auto syncing instantly. It features Caller ID and Full SMS function. Now I can let my phone to charge and use the app on my tablet.

* mysms Tablet - Text anywhere (Up to Eleven) turns your tablet into a smartphone to send or receive SMS text messages via your mobile carrier. It sync all texts on all devices automatically and features SMS backup, but is lack of keyboard autocorrect swype and voice to text functions. Sometimes slightly delay.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

How To Enable Content Filtering on Google Play

Google Play Store are not loaded with content filtering process, so  children or kids might easily access adult content for any type of apps and games without any approval. If your children gets hands on your android mobile phone or nexus 7 tablet, you'd better enable content filtering on Google Play store.

* Open Google Play Store app on your device.
* Tap on Menu Key to open "Setting" option.
* To restrict the app to download, tap on "content filtering". The Content Filtering lelel setting screen will show up Allow apps reted for "Everyone, Low maturity, Medium maturty, High maturity, Show all apps" options. Uncheck the type of app to hide and then tap on OK button.

Nexus 7 Parental Controls feature like iPad

With parental controls enabled on iPad/iPhone, I am able to set different restrictions on the apps, such as Safari and YouTube, and restrict my children to browse websites and purchase apps. As a parent, my 5 year old son often use my N7. Does the Google nexus 7 tablet have the parental controls feature similar to iOS device?

There is not any specific parental controls and app level restrictions built into Nexus 7 jelly bean. You can set up a password on the device or set a PIN for any app purchases and make content filterin your Google Play sotre.

Update: Parental Control apps for Android tablet

Nexus 7 bluetooth profiles with headphones

I am ready to purchase a motorola bluetooth headphones for my Nexus 7 and bluetooth stereo headphone on amazon, but that says that it requires certain bluetooth profiles to get working. The tablet is running Android 4.1 jelly bean. Is there a list of supported Bluetooth profiles or recommend which headphones would be great?

Almost all devices are using A2DP. My Motorola 305s work perfectly on Nexus 7, but sometimes take a long time to connect. It seems to be issues with Moto headphones.

There are several Bluetooth profiles supported by your Android device:

Friday, August 17, 2012

How to Preload YouTube videos on android

The YouTube 4.0.23 version on android has the ability to preload videos while on Wi-Fi for stutter free playback later. This is an awesome new feature for reducing mobile bandwidth. It only works on Android 4.0 ICS and earlier version does not have the featuer.

Preloading the Youtube videos will use your phone/tablet device's storage space. If you don't has enough space on your device, you'd better avoid using this technique. Here is the steps on how to enable preload videos on android.

* First open the YouTube app, open the Menu and choose Settings.
* Choose "Preloading". There are two options in the page: Preload subscriptions and Preload watch later.
* Check both of them to enable, and tap OK button to proceed in the warning screen.

How to transfer game save data from nexus7 to N7

I had installed a few games like Angry Birds, Minecraft PE from Google Play store on my nexus 7 on 07/30. The games were a bargain and great and I had a lot of hours played in it every day. Now I find the tablet has some issues and I want to replace the device. How can I backup and transfer the game save datas to my computer? So I can retore them to the new one. Is it possible to transfer/copy specific data from N7 to N7?

You need to use titanium backup from play store to backup the game and the game data to your computer for safe . Once you have got the new device, install titanium backup on it, copy and pasta the backup file from computer and go to restore the games. Make sure not to restore any system apps.

Nexus 7 docking station with Speaker

I haven't use Android device since getting the Nexus 7 tablet. I don't have a hi-fi system at home and expect to use Nexus 7 docking stations to listen internet radio through speakers. I was to go ahead and search it on Amazon, but not sure which docking speaker are working well-enough with Nexus 7.

* Gear It Bluetooth Speaker System Dock for Android Devices and iPhone/iPad
Turn your media device into a Bluetooth home entertainment system.
Bluetooth pearing works great and then play your tunes from the great mains speaker. Sound is really clear and descent round the house.
Great for sitting iPad on to watch a movie or streaming tunes while charging simultaneously.

* iHome iDM8R Rechargeable Portable Bluetooth Speaker
The spherical rechargeable Bluetooth speaker is one of iHome products. It allows you to wirelessly stream music within 30 feet (10 meters) from tablet via Bluetooth. Setup is simple and fast.
The overall sound fidelity exceeds the iHM79 and is loud enough to in a 50 feet radius , but is lack of stereo eparation.
Great for using it for business presentations with your Nexus 7.

How to delete youtube history on Nexus 7

I have done lots for a bunch of different stuff wihtin the Youtube app and probably have 560+ searches.  In order to prevent it from combining your Web History data and gives me with personalized ads across Youtube, I would like to delete them. Is there a way to clear them?

How to delete youtube history on Nexus 7 tablet and android phone
* Open the Youtube app, tap on menu.
* Go to settings and tap on "clear search history".
* History Eraser by NFOLIFE LLC is a android app that is the best tool to erase History on the device with one touch.

Highlighting and make Notes in Google Books app

I have downloaded some Google books from Paly store Market on my Nexus 7. I have the text in flowing mode but can't appear to find a way to highlight text or make notes like on the Kindle. Is it possible to do that as you would with a real text book?

The ability to highlighting and write notes would be extremely helpful and a great option. However, those feature are currently not available in Google Books app.

The website has the ability to add notes to the books in your library. Open it in browser and log into your Google account. Click the "My Library" link, open a book and click the "Add Note" link under the description.

Wifi Protector shield against WiFi attacks

Many Android smartphone and tablets not only easily get viruses and malware, but also might have lots of trouble with potential Network Spoofer apps, such as attack your WiFi network to stole your sensitive data. Wifi Protector by Gurke Development, protects your Android device from WiFi Sniffing attacks and detect ARP.

You will find a large blue shield in the notification bar after launch it. If the shield turn red, it means your Wi-Fi comes under attack. For the newbie, it automatically setup itself so you don't need to configure anything. For an expert, just change its settings to adapt to you need. According to the developer, the app is 100% silent and passive inside the network. Hope it could provide a whitelist for known wifi networks.

Best Nexus 7 note taking apps

When you have a perfect memory, a pad or sticky note helps you instantly recall every brilliant thought and keep track of assignments and tasks. Nexus 7 is vital to everyday lives. You can take notes again on the tablet with top note-taking apps for Android.

* Evernote
It is easy-to-use,the best and must-have Note taking app for your Nexus 7 tablet.  Evernote help you take notes, capture photos, create to-do lists, record voice reminders across all of the devices (tablet, Phone, Mac, PC computer), organize your thoughts and improve your productivity.
Evernote app features: Create/edit text notes, to-dos and task lists,   Organize notes by tags, Save/sync/share files

* ColorNote Notepad Notes (
It comes with tiny, beautiful widgets that let you conveniently scribble anytime of the day on home screen with using different colors of the note. Very great to write down before you forget when you suddenly get good ideas. More easier than other memo apps.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

How to stream video from Nexus 7 to TV

The Nexus 7 is lack of micro usb to hdmi video output and 3G capabilities until now, so you wonder how the hell you can watch your digital video content on your TV directly from the tablet. Wi-Fi Media - Media on TV help you turn most Android devices into media streaming device and wirelessly stream media to a big screen TV.

How to stream video from Nexus 7 to TV
* Wi-Fi Media is compatible with any Cavium PureVu-compatible streamer. You need to buy HTC's $90 Media Link HD that has HDMI port. Just connect it with your TV.
* Download and install the app on your Nexus 7 tablet. Open the app, go into "My Videos", and select the file to play and choose "Media Link HD" to stream to TV. You can also do that with photos and music.

The app only supports limited content and work pretty much, but doesn't have the capability to mirror your screen and can't handle AVI common file format.

How to Play iTunes Music on Nexus 7

If your have iTunes music collection on your Mac or PC computer, or  audio songs in iPhone/iPad/iPod device, you just need to use some app to listen to the same songs on your Nexus 7 or other android phone.

Apple allows user to AirPlay M4P, M4A, AAC music from iTunes or iOS devices to other Apple TV, AirPort Express devices in the room  wirelessly. Without converting the iTunes music to Nexus 7 compatible format and transfer the output files, let's take a look at how to play iTunes music to Android Tablet/Phones via AirPlay.

Android HiFi is a an AirPlay server for audio playback in Google Play Store. It just turn your android device into a AirPlay receiver with audio, but doesn't support video playback. To stream audio, iTunes/iOS and Nexus 7 need to be on same WiFi connection.

Acase Premium PU Leather Case Stand for Nexus 7

If you are looking for a leather case stand for daily usage and travel, try using Acase Google Nexus 7 Case. It is the Premium PU Leather Case with Flip Stand & wake/sleep function (BLACK).

* The slim design of form-fitted case folio is light-weight with no  excess bulk (about 5 ounces).
* The exterior and interior totally protect the Nexus 7 tablet from small impacts and scratches.
* After gettting it, I fit the N7 snugly with a great match.
* WHile you put the device inside it, all controls, buttons, and pots are fully accessed and opened, even charging.
* Acase offers two standing positions for watching and typing.
* With build in magnetic closure, easy to wake up when open and put it to sleep when close.
* An unconditional, no-hassle exchange policy if you have any issue with the product.

Amazon Link

How to fix Nexus 7 Sound not working issues

I have got the wierd issue with nexus 7. The tablet isn't on Silent Mode. Notification sounds and alarms work fine out of the external speakers, but media sound is not working suddenly, with music, youtube, pandora, netflix apps. I plug in headphones and hear the media audio. Is there a solution yet?

How to fix Nexus 7 Sound/Volume not working issues
* Touch Apps 》 Settings 》 Sound,and tap on Volumes option. If the media volume setting is turned off or in silent mode, turning it on by  moving on the slide bar.
* If you have installed some sound related apps, like AudioManager, that might cause the issues and mute the sound.
* Pressing power button and restart the N7 tablet.

How to upload Files to Google Drive from nexus 7

Like Dropbox, sugarsync and Box service, Google Drive is a cloud storage that allows you to upload files from your Android Phone/tablet using client app, such as Word/excel/PDF documents, music file, or photos.

Here is the step by step on how to upload files from nexus 7 to Google Drive
* Make sure the device has been installed Google Drive app for Android. Open the Google Drive app and login to your account. Tap on the three dots in the upper right to open the menu.
* Select "New..." 》"Upload", choose the other app to browse the file.  For a photo, use Gallery app. For different file type, use a installed file manager, such as ASTRO, ES or OI. It seems to be impossible to select multiple photos at once at the moment..
* Once you've choosed the photo or document file, you can reanme it, or check the conversion option to convert it (text document, spreadsheet, or compatible presentation) to a Google Docs file. Then tap on OK button to start uploading.

I am actually having issues uploading it to a folder. The app just throws it in the root of my Google Drive and I have to move it into the right folder. It doesn't allow upload an entire folder and is lack of Auto upload photos feature.

How to Reset All App Preferences on Jelly Bean

If you have always adjusted lots of installed applications on your Android phone or tablet, it is easy to forget which apps are altering the function. It's painful to reconfigure your every single app. However, Android Jelly Bean allows you to reset all app preferences to the default settings at once without losing any app data.

How to Reset All App Preferences on Jelly Bean (Nexus 7)
* Touch the Settings option from the app drawer
* Select the Apps option and Press the menu key on your phone/tablet.
* Select "Reset app preferences" from the device section's menu. Tap "Reset apps" in the warning screen.

That will remove the preferences including all disabled apps, disabled app notifications, default applications for actions and background data restrictions for apps.

How to enable offline speech recognition on Nexus 7

Android 4.1 Jelly Bean has got offline voice typing feature which download offline voice recognition data to your devices and has abilities for Google Now, voice typing and searching with offline use. That's very helpful while the tablet have no internet connection.

How to enable the offline speech recognition on Nexus 7
* Make sure your tablet is connected to WiFi. From Home screen, touch Setting 》Language & input.
* Select "Voice Search" in the  Speech options.
* In the setting, tap on "Download offline speech recognition". Then you will current installed languages in the first "Installed" tab. If you need to download offline data for another language, tap on the ALL tab and choose the languages which you want to use.

How to turn off keyboard sounds on nexus 7

I keep gettting "clicks" sound while entering characters to compose text messages using the stock keyboard. How can I silence them on nexus 7 in the right direction without putting the tablet on silent or  turnning the volume down?

How to turn off keyboard sounds on nexus 7
The keyboard sounds are controlled by the System volume rocker. To change it, from any home screen touch Setting, go to "language and input" 》Android keyboard settings, and uncheck "Sound on key press". Worked for me.

Enable Nexus7 multi touch gestures

If you want to use iPad style multi-touch-enabled gesture controls on your nexus 7, GMD GestureControl can do the job. The Android app offers handy multi-touch and multi-task gestures which work in all applications. You can use a gesture to hide the status bar for making apps in full-screen, by swiping upwards from the extreme bottom edge of screen using two fingers.

GestureControl presents users with several multi-touch gestures and custom actions to do lots things, such as directly return to your homescreen, open previous app and kill current app. However, it only works rooted Android phone/tablet.

The GestureControl Lite (free) has basic features and its paid version is available with $5.10 in the Google Play Store and brings "create custom gestures" and other better features.

Swiftkey 3 supports Google Voice Typing

The latest version Swiftkey 3 has got new updates that add new themes, Languages and Removes Bugs, such as arrow keys being non functional on browser. THe app also bring Google Voice Typing as an optional voice input for Android Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean users. The old version is still on because Voice Typing is not available for vast majority.

I have switched back to Swiftkey from swype and got it on my Nexus 7 and added it to my Galaxy Nexus phone. It is so much better than the stock keyboard. Really love the voice typing.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

CrazyOnDigital Stand Rotating Leather Case Cover with Charger and Screen Protector

CrazyOnDigital Black Stand Rotating Leather Case Cover with Charger and Screen Protector For Google Nexus 7 is a excellent package deal for the reasonable price. It is available in black, brown, red and purple colors and comes with this full accessory kit (Anti Glare screen protetor, Car/Wall chargers, USB data cable, and ear phones). The whole package is pretty cheap but very solid.

* CrazyOnDigital leather case is constructed well with high quality and definitely protect the Nexus 7, supporting stand vertically or horizontally.
* With the Smart Cover function, it's easy to puts the tablet to sleep and wake up automatically.
* Soft micro-fiber suede interior prevent screen from scratching. It's easy to install the screen protector without affecting the sensitivity.
* An AC charger (100-240VAC, 50/60Hz, 2.1 AMP) are still working after 3 weeks.
* The ear buds is poor quality and gives me distorted sound.

Amazon Link

Calendar/Gmail widgets not working on nexus 7

I have downlaoded and installed some android app on my nexus 7, and put those widgets on home screen: Beautiful Widgets, Gmail, Calendar widget, Clockr, geek clock, battery, Out of Milk). I note that all Widgets randomly are not working and freeze at the same time. They don't auto refresh and not respond. How can I fix this issue?

How to fix android widgets not working on nexus 7
* Suggestion: Go to Setting / Apps, select the app which has got the issue and go to clear the cache and data. Then restart your tablet.
* It may be a sense issue. After I tried installing apex launcher, all the widgets work fine now.

How to view webcam from nexus 7

I want to have the Logitech HD Pro Webcam C910 on my computer as a baby monitor if I am not at home. I have tried a number of IP cam viewer apps on my nexus 7 and IP Cam Viewer Pro is the only one that worked without a problem. It's pretty basic but for a live feed of a single camera.

There's a free Lite version but pro version suits my needs. IP Cam Viewer Pro allows you to remotely view and control your IP Camera, CCTV, DVR, NVR (Network Video Recorder) or WebCam on Android phone/tablet. It supports 2-way audio, SSL, pinch to zoom, record mode and export/import.

I put its widgets on home screen which I set it to refresh every 15 mins. It deliveres the ability to view all cameras at once on my tablet. Video and camera control work perfectly.

Reading magazines on Nexus 7 with Zinio

The Nexus 7's 1280×800 7-inch display is good ideal for rendering magazines. I have subscribed about 8 different magazines in the Google play store, but I can't zoom in some magazines within Google books app. Is there any 3rd party Android apps for using playstore magazines and has that ability to turn page animation on the tablet?

Zinio for Android is a digital magazines app optimized for the Google Nexus 7 table. There's quite a selection with the online service. The app offers full-color pages or text-only mode and syncs your library to others devices. Then you can read your magazines on your Mac, PC computer, smartphones and tablets. Hope it gets more functional widgets.

Use MSN/ICQ/Yahoo messenger on Nexus 7

If you have used multiple IM chat services, you have to install major apps and it is difficult to switch them. IM+ by SHAPE is an all-in-one instant messaging app specifically designed for Android Tablets. With the app, you are able to chat with contacts using lots of popular IM chat services, including Facebook, MSN/Live Messenger, Google Talk, Yahoo, AIM/iChat, ICQ, Jabber, Fetion, VKontakte, Yandex IM and Skype (in-app purchase).

IM+ app works well and looks great on the Nexus 7. I can talk to multiple people at once without losing viewing area. Easy to connect to every social platform, to send text messages, photos, and voice notes and allowing you to save chat logs.

Style Me Girl game for Android

Style Me Girl by Frenzoo is the first 3D dress up game for girls to plag on the Android phone/tablet. The game features many gorgeous 3d styles from gothic to glam , decorate look, choose pose and  30 different fashion genres. It's fun to passes time when bored.

My daughter is not really a fashion kind of gal but really love playing this game. Awesome game for girls but clothing are so much expensive. She have to buy the dollars to continue or make more money besides paying.

While played Style Me Girl on Nexus 7 Android 4.4.1, sometime it gets black screen and I have to restart the app.

iTV/BBC iPlayer Working on Nexus 7

By default Nexus 7 is lack of Adobe fLash player, so that iTV Player & BBC iPlayer are not working out of the box on the new Google tablet. You also cannot download the app from play store, because it requires the function of flash player. Here is a simple solution for make iTV/BBC iPlayer working fine on Nexus 7.

* You need to enable flash app on the tablet first.
* Install the latest Firefox Beta (the 15 version). Launch Firefox app, tap Main Menu in the upper right corner and choose Add-ons. Search for the "Phony" Add-on and install it. Then set Phony to Desktop Firefox.
* Go to the iTV/BBC website, and  Then watch videos in full HD quality streaming and full-screen mode.

How to create file/folder shortcut on Home Screen

I have used some pdf files and office documents regularly for work and need to quickly access it from one of my home screens. Instead of adding folder, Shortcut provides a easy way to access these folder with just single touch. How can I  place the file as shortcut on my desktop of Nexus 7?

How to create file/folder shortcut on Homescreen
* You need to install Astro File Manager from Google Play store.
* From any of home screens, long press and select "Add to home screen" option. Tap on Shortcuts and select Astro.
* Browse and select the file/folder and tap OK button. Finally the the folder shortcut is on the screen. That works for various files, folder and songs.

Tether nexus 7 to android phone

If you have a 3G android smartphone with Wi-Fi capability, you can share the connection with other local devices over Wi-Fi network and let it tether to the internet over 3G. I have tested it on my Samsung Galaxy Nexus, Motorola DROID RAZR MAXX and HTC One S and work fine.

How to tether your Nexus 7 to android phone
* On your Android phone, tap "Settings" in the applications drawer and select "Tethering and portable hotspot".Check "Portable Wi-Fi hotspot" and set a passcode in security options.
* On Nexus 7, Go to Setting 》 Wireless & networks, tap on WiFi and search the android phone's hotspot. After enter the password you have set up, you are able to have full access to browse web, read emails, watching YouTube videos and download music. If you don't have unlimited tethering data, streaming movies is not recommend.
* You can also use FoxFi app to turn into free WiFi Hotspot without rooting.

Free USB Tethering to Windows/Mac computer

I always use my Samsung Galaxy phone's data connection to power my  tablet, but cellular networks provides significantly smaller amounts of data and run slowly and many carriers block tethering. I want to connect Nexus 7 to my Desktop computer to get Internet through freeUSB Tethering. Is there a way to do that?

ClockworkMod Tether uses a proxy to avoid carrier detection and provides Android users free USB tethering. It allows both rooted and non-rooted smartphones/tablets to tether laptop or desktop computers. A USB tether solution works fine for Mac, Windows, and Linux.

On your nexus 7, install ClockworkMod Tether (no root) from Google Play. And install the Tether software on your PC. Then connect your device to your PC via USB cable and start tethering. The app can save a large amount of your mobile data and works exactly.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Google Calendar Subscriptions show on Nexus 7

I have subscribed the Sports calendars to through Google calendar. The desktop version of google calendar shows the subscriptions with sport team schedules on my computer, but only some of the calendars show up on my Nexus 7 and RAZR MAXX. How can I get subscribed calendars to show on Android phone/tablet?

It is an old problem and done intentionally by Google. There are some workaround which may solve the problem.
* Tap on Calendar app, go to Menu 》 Settings,make sure all of those calendars are selected. Go to Settings 》 Accounts & Sync 》Select your google account, and toggle Sync Calendar off and then ON.
* Deleted the calendar subscriptions. and add it again.
* Export the Calendar to CSV file on computer, and create a new calendar to import the file.

Portenzo Custom BookCase for Nexus 7

Portenzo BookCase is a hard case for the Nexus 7 to keep your tablet in pristine condition, unlike usual pliable leather or soft TPU style for Android tablet. It offers ultimate protection and 9 different interior colors along with strap and magnet options. It is really a pretty good deal considering with customizable.

The Materials of BookCase is well made. It's American maple and looks like old world book binding. It has auto sleep/wake functionality, a exclusive Audio Flow sound chamber to enhance audio, intelliStand for getting viewing angles for watching video comfortably and other add-ons for you to choose during checkout.

I put the Nexus 7 into the case snugly and easily. The microphone is accessed but pressing the volume and power buttons is difficult. The accessory costs $39.95 on the Portenzo website.

Beautiful widget launch Desktop issue

After I installed Beautiful widget from Google Play store and try to launch it on my Nexus 7 desktop, I get the error message "In order to install go to Android on applications launcher on widget in the list...drag to homescreen." But other Android application don't require this process. How can I set up it?

* From the homescreen, the applications "info" page launcher is usually the circle with the dots in it on the dock at the bottom.
* Tap on it and you will see a bunch of pages with all installed apps and widgets. Tap on the BW app to configure it.
* To get widget,  go through Apps, tap Widgets, touch and hold the one you want, and then drag it to the screen.

How to clear firefox cache and history on nexus 7

After I browse my favorite website in firefox tablet Android app , the firefox seems to be slow and I really want to clear its cache and delete history items on my nexus 7. How can I clear the browsing history?

To manually clear Firefox history, you need to use Clear Mobile History add-on.
* Touch the Main Menu button in the upper right corner of the screen and select Add-ons from the popup menus.
* In the Add-ons screen, Tap in the search box and enter "Clear Mobile History" to search. When the add-on is found, expand it and  select "Add to Firefox".
* From the main screen, tap the Main Menu button again, go to  Preferences. Scroll down and you will see the Clear History button. Tap on it to remove all items results and History from the All Pages.

Google music couldn't play the track you requested

I have transferred one album with mp3/WMA file from computer to my music folder in internal storage of Nexus 7 tablet. When I launch the "Google Music" application and try to play any song on the album, I get the error "music playback error couldnt play the track you requested". But I can play the songs through astro manager or ES File Explorer application, but not working from the Music app. My Xoom also have the same issues after the ICS upgrade.

The Android cache using to keep track of all the music has gotten out of synch with the actual contents of your Nexus 7. So the Google Music couldn't play the music file. You can try these steps to fix the issues:
First erase all the music on the tablet, touch Settings 》 Apps 》 Media Storage, and tap on "Clear Data", then re-add all music onto the N7.

The Rescan Media app from Google Play store also help you do that. If the stock music app is still has the issue, try using others media player.

Transfer photos from digital camera to Nexus 7 directly

I don't have computer at home. After taking photos on my Olympus E-PL2 digital camera with SD card, I want to transfer pics directly to the Nexus 7 without a PC/Mac. Is that a easy way to achieve that?

* If your camera supports MTP (media transfer protocol), you need to use an OTG cable without rooting required. Just hooking it to the N7, select the MTP option in the camera to copy them.
* If your camera doesn't support MTP, you need to root the tablet and install Stickmount app. Then you are able to use a USB OTG cable with a SD card reader or hook it directly as a mass storage device.

How to play Avi files to nexus 7

I connect my unrooted Nexus 7 to  Windows XP computer and copy mkv, mp4 video files. They playback fine with MX Player on the tablet. When I try to copy and paste .avi files from the PC to my "Movie" folder, it comes with the following error messages:

"The file may be copied to the device for storage and transport use only.... If you copy the file now, it will be stored on the device but may not be presented on the device user interface. Do you wish to copy the file to the device anyway?"

I select YES, but the MX player can not find and recognize .avi video files. Then I note that other media players should get around this limitation. After installing ES File Explorer and VLC Player from Google Play on the tablet, I open up ES File Explorer to navigate to the AVi, open it with VLC. Now the movie starts playing with no issues.

Using nexus 7 as a wireless keyboard/mouse

You may search for a solution for using computer as entertainment HTPC. RemoteDroid is a Android app that turn your Android smartphone/tablet into a wireless keyboard and touch pads for your computer over WiFi network. It requires a client app installed on nexus 7 and a server software with Java installed on computer, and both devices are on the same WiFi network.

* On your computer (Windows, OS X, and Linux), launch the server app and it shows the IP address.
* On Android device, open the client, enter the IP address listed on the server, and tap Connect.
* Then your tablet will become a touch-pad layout. The mousing surface is red rectangle on the top, and the keyboard input is to activate green keyboard icon.

It is better than my Logitech Dinovo bluetooth keyboard.

Install HBO GO on nexus 7 Jelly bean

I has subscribe movies, sports streaming service from HBO GO. I had tried to install HBO GO app from Play store and it says it is imcompatible with Nexus 7. Then I downloaded the apk file on computer and sideload to the N7. The installation worked but the app just kept spinning up and would not load any video. How can I install hbo go on nexus 7?

Here is a temporary fix that works for Jelly bean
* First you need to enable Adobe flash player on your tablet.
* Install dolphin 8.5.1 or Scope browser from android market.
For Scope, set flash to Auto in settings
For dolphin, turn off pop-up blocking.
* Then go to HBO GO website on the browser, run the desktop mode, and log into your account. Now you are able to watch HBO GO videos in full Page View.

Nexus 7 to iPhone4 with Bluetooth tether

The wifi hotspot is not available on my non-jailbreaked iPhone 4 and I am looking for a way to connect my nexus 7 to iPhone. Trying the DiscoRecorder app but it requires an adhoc network. When I pair them to connect via Bluetooth, iPhone shows the Nexus 7 is not supported error. Is a way to tether over bluetooth? Any suggestions?

* I have an iPhone 4s with a data sharing plan and can connect them via bluetooth tether my iPhones data.
On your iOS device, make sure you have enabled hotspot and  bluetooth in the Setting. Then make your handset discoverable in the bluetooth setting.
On your N7, touch Settings 》 bluetooth 》 select your iPhone name to start pairing. Then go to accept the pairing on iPhone.
Turn WiFi OFF on your nexus and touch paired devices. Both of devices will connect via Bluetooth.
* I have also jailbroke my iphone 3GS and use the MyWi app from Cydia. Everything works fine.

Monday, August 13, 2012

How to fix Screen colours LCD Ghosting

After Watching Video with all video apps, such as Netflix, YouTube, Play Video and many kinds of player, the Nexus 7 screen is washed out and gets LCD ghosting noticeably. The issues diminish color saturation and increase brightness and contrast. That might cause by Nvidia's Tegra 3 PRISM technology. The PRISM will reduce a Tegra 3 device's backlight while enhancing the pixel color. Many users report a number of screen issues in different forums.

To temporarily fix the Screen colours and LCD Ghosting issues, just turn the screen on and then off. But it still appear in the next video. According to the XDA forum, you need to root to apply this fix to resolve the problem, and type the following command in your terminal with superuser permissions.

Disable tegra on your Nexus 7
echo "0" > /sys/devices/tegradc.0/smartdimmer/enable

How to change lock screen wallpaper on jelly bean

Whenever I resume my Nexus 7 from standby, the Android lock screen will be showing. I notice that my home wallpaper just appears to be your lock screen image as well. Now I am looking for a way to  change my lock screen wallpaper without rooting. I figured out how to do that on my Droid running Android 2.3. But it seems to be difficulty to customize the lock screen on Jelly Bean with fully personalized experience.

The Android lock screen is integrated with the framework, unlike boot animation and the splash screen. WidgetLocker Lockscreen (TeslaCoil Software) is a lock screen replacement which allows you to change and revamp the lock screen beyond recognition and get control of the layout. With the app, you also change the look of the sliders, customize  Slider Actions and hide the status bar. However, it is paid app at US$2.99, not free.

View newest/oldest email first on Nexus 7

On my computer, I am able to view the "oldest" email or "newest" email first with Gmail desktop version. But I can not find this such function on my Nexus 7 tablet and Galaxy phone. Am I missing something in the setting? How can I fix the problem?

The stock Email/Gmail app for android doesn't have the ability to see oldest email first. I have used Kaiten Email client and it works fine on my Nexus 7. The advanced email client supports lots of feartures, such as multi-folder sync, multiple identities, flagging, filing, signatures, bcc-self and PGP. In my opinion, it is the best client with a decent tablet UI so far.

Sync Photos from Galaxy ICS to Nexus 7

I have use a Galaxy Nexus android ICS device and just got the Nexus 7. To sync Photos on both devices, I try checking  "Sync Google Photos" in the Setting, or sync them in the gallery's Instant Upload albums. But I note everything is difficulty and kill the battery life. IS there a android app offering the easiest way to sync photos from ICS to JB?

Trying the Dropbox app for storing photos & videos and other stuff. It gives you free 2gb storage and has an auto upload feature in setting. Once installed on your devices and computer and login to using your account, you can instantly see everything on any other devices you have. It is the best way to have all photos in cloud  rather than the gallery locations.

How to rename file in nexus 7 jelly bean

It is easy to use a file manager on my PC computer, but I can't find a way to rename a file in the downloads folder in jelly bean on my nexus 7. I have searched lots on finding the renaming option for almost 3 days and still haven't found an option for that. This is quite basic function and it seems to be missed on Android OS.

You just need to use a file explorer. For rooted, there is ES Explorer or Root Explorer on Google Play. If you are not rooted the tablet, install the Astro file manager or Solid Explorer.

Then use the app to open the /sdcard/Downloads/ folder, long press the file you want to rename, and choose "rename" from the menu (move, delete, rename, send and etc). Enter in the desired name which you want to change and tap on OK.

Connect Nexus 7 to Windows XP/vista/7

There is Windows xp usb MTP driver issues with Nexus 7. I have adb working just fine on windows Xp pro and ubuntu, but can't get MTP to work. Windows Xp deteces "Found New Hardware" and device manager shows the errors message "No drivers are installed for this device."

How to fix the MTP issues on Windows XP/vista/7
* On your computer, make sure it has installed Windows Media Player 11 as MTP or microsoft MTP Porting Kit.
* Download Android USB Drivers from ASUS website and extract the files.
* In Device Manager, select Nexus 7 device and right click, choose  "update driver" 》install from a list or specific location 》 Include this location in the search 》 browse button and select the extracted  folder 》 Next, and start the installation.

Then enable USB debugging on the tablet and then it is recognized by Windows Explorer. Worked perfectly.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Fix Insufficient Storage Available on nexus 7

My nexus 7 have 3Gb internal memory free space. When I try to install various Android apps from Google Play store, the tablet just pops up "Insufficient Storage Available" error message and the installation fails. This issue started occurring yesterday and I haven't rooted the device.

Here is a solution to fix Insufficient Storage Available on nexus 7
* On your Windows PC computer, download and install Java Development Kit from Oracle website, and Android SDK from android developer website. Make sure you have the Administrator right.
* Open Command Prompt and enter the command:
cd C:\Program Files (x86)\Android\android-sdk\platform-tools
* Go to Settings 》 Apps 》 Development and enable USB Debugging on your nexus 7, and connect it to computer via USB cable.
* Enter the following commands:
adb shell pm getInstallLocation
adb shell pm setInstallLocation 1

If you get insufficient Storage Space while installing Titanium Backup, go to /data/app using ES File Explorer and delete "com.kermidas.TitaniumBackup-1.odex".

Nova Launcher for Nexus 7

The Nova Launcher for Android has been released as a public 1.3 beta 3 and got new updates, such as mergeing launcher with Android 4.0+ tablet and phones (Nexus 7 and Ice Cream Sandwich-compatible devices) and bring many Jelly Bean features. It includes color/icon themes to apply, and adding multiple apps to a folder at once.

With notable feature, you are able to fling icons which are no longer needed off the screen and resize or move widgets dynamically. However, Nova is missing a few things. I need to drag icons to the top of the screen and make sure it turns red before properly removing it. The old version was better the new unstable one. Hoping the next update fix these problems.

Nexus 7 overheating on screen problem

I recently bought a Nexus 7 case from Amzon and I am always experiencing overheating problem while it is inside the case. If I play game for more than two hours, it definitely got significantly warm. The overheat is concentrated on the bottom-left where I hold it and the back. The touch screen also gets hot and make swiping home screen to be not working.

Then I take Nexus 7 out of the case and note the temperature is over 90 °F. After leave it on my desktop without using, it gets back to normal operating temperature and the touch screen reacts with normal. It seems to be the same issues with the iPad.

KaysCase FlipStand Leather Case Cover for Nexus 7

I got my Nexus 7 tablet and had been looking furiously for a case that provides good protection for when I am on the go. The official Asus cases aren't really available and keep coming soon, so I do a research on Amazon and bought this "KaysCase FlipStand Leather Case Cover for Nexus 7-inch Tablet Android 4.1 Jelly Bean (Black)" in $$8.99.

* The exterior and interior of KaysCase are made of high quality stylish PU Leather. Thin and light weight. But it is not real leather.
* It holds the Nexus 7 tightly and securely.
* It has nice option to flip the cover into a stand with different of viewing positions for watching video or typing email.
*The cutouts let you fully access the facing camera, headphone jack and micro USB.
* KaysCase is probably not the best case for Nexus 7. However, for the decent price you can not complain with it in my opinion.

Amazon Link

NFC Task Launcher Task Automation for Android

I have used NFC more than Google Wallet on Android tablets and phones. With a free app from Google Play, almost tag and NFC enabled devices can do the same sort of thing. NFC Task Launcher (Tagstand) allows you to use a single NFC tag to perform things using commands on Google Nexus 7, such as turn On/Off Wifi or Bluetooth, adjust volume, scan a tag in your car, set an alarm, even activate any task you have configured.

The cool feature is to have the ability to string tasks together and  do the actions with multiple users. If you stick an NFC tag in the car holder and slip your tablet into it, the tag could be bumped to disable WiFi, turn Bluetooth on and play music. Unfortunately, it has no functionality to kill apps.

NFC Task Launcher is basic task automation and easy to use with several tags, better than Samsung Tec Tile app. Just tap and go. I purchased the NFC tags from tagstand and it works exactly.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

AirPlay Streaming to Apple TV from nexus 7

I have only used apple products (iPhone 4 and Apple TV 2nd) in the past. Just get with this new Nexus 7 tablet. Apple obviously does not allows an Android device to airplay or mirror to its Apple TV. Is there a way to enable it on the tablet? How can I do that?

doubleTwist Player is a third party app which describes itself as "iTunes for Android". It help you easily manage your iTunes content (music, playlists, podcast and video) on your nexus 7 with a Mac/Windows computer, and provides AirSync function over WiFi. With new feature, you are able to stream music, videos and photos to Apple TV, Xbox, PS3 and Sonos devices.

To activate AirPlay, you need to purchase AirSync with $4.99  upgrade. When open the DoubleTwist app on your N7 tablet, go to Setting 》 AirTwist & AirPlay 》 Enable streaming, and select Allow to active. Then start playing a video or song, tap on the WiFi-like icon on the lower right and choose Apple TV(OA).

How to change DNS Server on nexus 7

On my Windows 7 computer, I am able to switch to open DNS or Google Public DNS address and speed up the internet and make Youtube video streaming smoothly. Now I am wondering how to edit the DNS server address on nexus 7 to resolve the loading slow issue over WiFi. Is there a way to change that?

How to change DNS Server on nexus 7
* Go to Setting 》 Wireless & Networks, press and hold the active wireless network and select "Modify Network" from the menu. Check "Show advanced options", change "IP settings" to "Static" and enter DNS in the both DNS 1 and 2 fields. Then power cycle your tablet.
* Set DNS is a android app that forces your device to use custom nameservers on WiFi. But it does not currently work with 4.1 jelly bean. That makes texts sending delays.

How to Organize/Arrange Apps in Folders on nexus 7

If you have installed a lot of android apps on your nexus 7 tablet, it is very annoying to search for an app through lists. The effective way is to organize your apps, widgets and folders on your home screen. Apps Organizer (Fabio Collini) lets you put a label on everything to group various items, including apps, bookmarks, contacts and shortcuts.

The app pre makes everything related to Labels, like Applications, Games and Bookmarks. You can select one app and tap on on the + button to add a new label name. It also allows you to move particular app to the respective folder.

Apps Organizer is best folder app that keeps my home screens uncluttered. Excellent app for organizing things. Find any app without searching and make life simple for me

Pulse News app for Nexus 7

Pulse News is a a beautiful android app that is associate with a newsreader. The slick tool displays the latest news and information with photos from your favourite websites in a scrollable feed. Every thing looks very intuitive and the amazing UI layout is better suited to the tablet.

I have used the news reader app on my Nexus 7 and it works brilliantly. After adding Time Magazine and Huffington Post and importing all my RSS feeds from Google Reader, I am able to read all my content in one place on the tablet, without the browser. It shows the enough of an article's text for you to select. But sometimes the app loads slow and drains your battery quickly.

Charging dock/stand for nexus 7

I have been looking for a good charger accessory and found "Google Asus Nexus 7 Charger Cradle / Sync Desktop Dock" on the Amazon. The dock is designed to work with the Nexus 7.

When you do not use the tablet, rather than having it lie on your sofa or table, this is new way to store your device upright with this stand. It securely holds the device in portrait mode (180 degree).

There are some reviews saying the connector is on the wrong way and could not perform its task properly as the supplier. So I asked the  seller Modern-Tech if that is the case, he replied to say it work fine with N7. After bought the stand/charger and use at home, my Nexus 7 charges, and docks perfectly on my Desk.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Best Alarm clock app for Nexus 7

There are several of Alarm clock utilities on the Google Play app market. I have tested some popular ones and find that Alarm Clock XTreme is simple and useful and has more rich feature than others. The app is mostt highest rated alarm clock and timer for Nexus 7.

Alarm Clock Xtreme (Angle Labs) has lots of features, such as support multiple alarms in 12/24 hour formats, auto-dismiss, set alarm sound with song, display a countdown timer and customize background and color. It feels like the built-in alarm. With solve math problems or using snooze button, it prevents you from turning off the alarm accidentally.

The only major drawback is that for its backup options. The app has been backing up to "AlarmClockXtreme/backup" on my Nexus 7, but I can't see such folder on my computer using MTP (Android File Transfer). And I also can't restore the alarms setting on the tablet.

How to tether Nexus 7 to BlackBerry/iPhone hotspot

If you have a 3G BlackBerry smartphone or iPhone with Wi-Fi capability, you are able to tether your Nexus 7 to connect to the 3G internet using the phone.

* First you need to enable tethering mode on your phone over Wi-Fi varies.
For BlackBerry OS, select Manage Connections, check Mobile Hotspot, and configure a passcode in security options.
For iPhone, Tap Settings 》 General 》 Network,turn Personal Hotspot on. In the configuring screen, tap the Wi-Fi password and enter a password.
* After your hotspot is enabled, on your Nexus 7 tablet, go to Settings 》 Wireless & networks, tap on WiFi and search the mobile phone's hotspot. Then enter the password to connect.

ADB not recognizing my nexus 7

My computer is running Windows 7 Service Pack 1 32bit. Now I have got a problem on the ADB does not recognize my nexus 7. When it's connected, computer just show it as a storage device, without listing an ADB device.

How to fix ADB issues with nexus 7
* Make sure you tablet is on debugging mode. Touch Settings 》Apps 》Development, and enable USB debugging.
* Check if you have installed "Google USB Driver package" in your ADB, and update it to the lastest version.
* If you have previously installed the ADB Driver, you may need to manually force Win7 to take the new ADB driver. Go to android-sdk/extras/google/usb_driver and restall it.

Move Files from nexus7 to Mac using Android File Transfer

Maybe you have used an nexus 7 and are looking to move your own movies and pictures to and from Mac OS X. With Google's free Android File Transfer software, Mac users have the simplest solution to view and transfer files between Android devices and Mac, similar as using an FTP program.

* Download Android File Transfer tool from website and install it on your Mac running Mac OS X 10.5 or later.
* Connect the tablet to Mac via USB cable, and the app will open automatically.
* Now you are able to copy, move or delete files and add folders. Due to Androids file system, the file size limitation to transfer is under 4GB.

I have had a testing with Android File Transfer. It does not work on Lion and says "..had close unexpectedly..".

How to Sync nexus7 With Windows Media Player

Android is an operating system and allows you to use Windows Media Player to manage all mp3s and playlists. Like syncing the iPhone/iPad with iTunes, it's easy to transfer music between PC and tablet and sync them.

How to Sync nexus 7 With Windows Media Player
* Make sure you computer has installed Windows Media Player 11 or later. Connect nexus 7 using Media Transfer Protocol (MTP) to computer via USB cable.
* Laugch "Windows Media Player", clcik on the "Sync" tab and click "set up the sync" from the drop-down menu on the right side. Select the music files you want to sync to your tablet and drag them to the "Sync List". Then click "Start Sync" button for doing syncing.

If you find some MP3s get "corrupted" on N7, delete them from the device and force WMP to re-syncing. It seems some issues on Windows XP. When plug it to PC, the tablet lists it is connected, but the computer pops up "Found new Hardware Wizard" error message and nothing to do.

Delete Instant Uploads photos in Gallery on nexus 7

There is a Instant Uploads folder in the Gallery app on my nexus 7. I open the folder and long press any photo, but no option pop up to delete it. I tried using Astro File Manager to delete upload pics  and also turned off instant uploads on the desktop version of Google+. Then open Gallery app again on the N7. However, these pictures are still there. Does you know how to delete photos from instant uploads in gallery app?

* If you have used a Google+ account on the tablet, go to Settings 》 Accounts & Sync 》 select your account, and uncheck "sync google photos". Then use your google+ account on computer and delete albums from there.
* For picasa, you need to access picasa website from web browser and go to delete the instant photo album.

Using Nexus 7 task killer app

With task killers, you can improve your Android device's performance and boost the battery life. A task killer can force other apps to quit and kill a few apps you have running in the background. I have searched the efficent and reliablet one in play store and find some apps.

Android Task Manager (SmartWho) is the best killer which supports 4.1 (Jelly bean), 4.0 (Icecream sandwich). The app works fine on my nexus 7. It features real time processing list, background/service/empty app processing, auto-end task. It also shows the useful information: used memory, battery, internal storage, CPU and device. There are also other good apps, such as Advanced Task Killer and ES Task Manager.

However, Android OS is optimized to run memory. Attempting to force apps to free up memory may make your tablet slow and also kill the battery.

How to stop automatic update apps on Google Play

I note that all installed android apps are automatically updated by  downloading the .apk from the Goolge Play. But the Market application doesn't have a user confirmation before the update and just handles the automatic update with no user interaction. How can I prevent all or individual apps from updating on my Nexus 7?

* From your tablet, touch the Google Play Store app.
* Press the Menu button and go to "My apps".  Choose the individual app and uncheck the "Allow auotmatic updating" box.
* If you want to stop updating for all, press the Menu 》 Settings, and then uncheck "Auto-update apps" option.

Remove Spam Ads in Notification Bar on Nexus 7

After I install some Android apps and games on my Nexus 7, recently I have started receiving random annoying spam and Ads in top notification bar and couldn't figure out why . A green circle or a yellow star often comes up in the middle and "a new app that was available" message shows in the notification. That is not harmful but readlly eats a lot of my time. HOw can I get rid of them?

AirPush Detector (Dan Bjorge) helps you detect which installed apps have the ability to send notifiers without consent to your notification bar. It works perfectly on Nexus 7 and helps finding the culprits. Now I can stop this pushy ad spam on the tablet.

How to delete all contacts on Nexus 7

If you need to clear all contacts in the people app, it is tedious to delete them one by one, even with lots of contacts. There is a quick way to delete them all out on Nexus 7.

* Go to Settings 》 Accounts & sync, select your Google account, Facebook or Twitter, and uncheck box with "Sync Contacts".
* Then go to Settings 》 Apps 》 All, select people app and tap on "Clear data" button.
* If you only sync your Nexus 7 with Google Contacts and do not mind losing them, you can also delete all of the contacts from the account on your computer. Login into your Gmail, click Contacts and select them, click More and choose "Delete contacts" from the menu. After syncing, the tablet will remove all completely.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Create google drive folder on Nexus 7

Google drive is a new cloud storage and combined with Google Docs. It allows users to upload nearly any file, rename files on the storage and offline view on your device. Its folders make it easy to organize all of your files, but I can't figure out how to create a folder in Google Drive app on my Nexus 7.

It is disappointing that you cannot create any folders within the Android App. However, it offers a way to create them using the PC web interface. On Nexus 7, you can open Chrome browser to access and change it to desktop mode.

When you login to your Google Drive, touch the red "Create" button at the top left, select Folder from the menu, type a folder name and tap on OK button. Then those folders willbe visible in the Android App. On the browser, you can also Delete a folder or move a folder within another from Google Drive website.

Pocket Read It Later on Nexus 7

Formerly known as Read It Later, Pocket offers the easy way to bookmark articles that you find around the web and save them in pocket and re-formats for easy reading. The app is loading fast,  and saves contents for offline viewing, such as articles, photos, and videos. It's a great life saver if you don not have time to read during the day.

Pocket works well and is indescribably smooth on my Nexus 7. The bottom navigation bar can change text size or brightness, switch to night modes and mark as read. With the search and filter options, easy to look only at specific things with tags. Saving videos only services with Vimeo and YouTube. Embedded photos is a huge disappointment. They are not always saved correctly and only show thumbnails on the tablet, without full-size images.

Overall, Pocket is a must-have app for Nexus 7.

Skipping wifi selection screen on first setup

I have ordered a Nexus 7 16G from Google Play sore. I know the tablet will ask you to connect to Wi-Fi when you first boot it up. Now I have one question. For first startup, is it possible to skip the WiFi selection screen. Because there is not Wi-Fi network at home. How can I do that?

I think it is no way to bypass the WiFi setup. From the "Welcome" screen,  the only way is to make a activation wi-fi connection. Try making reboot, mess with the volume, but still get back the the same screen. You can take the device to activate in a restaurant or cafe shop which has free Wi-Fi. Hope it helpful.

Best free Nexus 7 apps for kids

Today many precocious children tinker with your mobile devices, so you can make your Nexus 7 tablet as a great tool to keep your kids educated and entertained. There are hundreds and thousands of Android apps in the Google Play. Here I dig some good quality app for kids.

Best free Nexus 7 apps for kids
* Kids Numbers and Math Lite gives a way for kids to learn numbers and build basic math skills. With the variety of exercises, kids enjoy learning the numbers from 1 to 20. It's hugely fun and entertaining and perfect to teach my three year old.
* Kid Mode by Zoodles is a educational game for kids ages 8 and under. The app stimulates their minds with stories, art and games. With the Child Lock safety feature stay safely in Kid Mode.
* HomeWork by Klwinkel helps the older kids schedule their homework and lessons, manage time effectively and list with all Exams. It is extremely intuitive to use on a tablet.
* iStoryBooks by Marvel offers story books with pictures, text and audio. Sweet app for entertaining the kids and they can enjoy these books on their own. My son always want to a book on a daily basis and interact with Maya.
* How To Make Paper Airplanes (Mobilicos) displays the clear and simple illustrates how to make paper planes. Helpful for kids to built a paper airplane to fly.

How to Watch YouTube Playlist in nexus 7

It's simple and easy to Play your YouTube playlist in a web browser on computer. The YouTube app for Android has built-in playback and playlist creation feature, but it is not visible to users immediately. You have to access this feature from the options.

How to watch YouTube playlist in your nexus 7 tablet
* First launch the YouTube app and sign into your account. Make sure you have at least one playlist.
* Select "Your Channel" at the top of the screen.
* Touch Playlist on the left pane. Now you can tap on a video from the playlist on the right sidebar to play. But it won't continue to the next video. There is a "Play all" option at the top right corner. Just tap on it to autoplay all the videos in a complete playlis.

Watch youtube video offline on nexus 7

The Android version of YouTube app has got some new update, such as display a seek bar in the portrait mode, Google +1 button, channel-based design, a Watch Later queuing, and allow users to preload the videos from your subscriptions. According to the official Youtube blog, the new feature are currently only available for Android 4.0+ devices. For travelers or commuters, it's good idea to watch youtube offline on nexus 7.

Now YouTube app will start downloading videos you want to watch. You still need to press play button over network for the first time and can also save videos to your watch it later list. If you want to cache the videos from your subscriptions, open Youtube app, tap on menu, go to Settings tab, touch Preloading and enable both "preload watch later" and "preload subscriptions" function.

These instructions are based on YouTube 4.0.23 version. Currently the Nexus 7 do not support the new feature. The product team is aware of this and looking into options of adding this functionality in.

Nexus 7 won't boot even trying tricks

I have used my nexus 7 tablet for a month and it worked absolutely well. Three days ago when I tried to reboot it, it started up and the screen got a few fuzzy and then went off itself. Then I am trying every trick out, including charge the batter overnight, remove and replace the battery, but nothing fix the issues.

How to fix Nexus 7 won't boot or start up issues
* Try connecting to PC without the battery. If that doesn't work, holding Volume up + down + power botton to boot into bootloader and navigate to recovery mode.
* Try using another battery to test it.
* If none of the tricks work, it could be a hardware malfunction. Taking the tablet to Asus store for repairing.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

ZAGG Invisible Shield Screen Protection for Nexus 7

Screen protector can protect the LCD screens of electronic devices, such as cell phones, tablets and laptops. Ebay has lots of cheap no-name brands, but the screen protector with good quality has always been ZAGG's 'Invisible Shield' products. Now ZAGG has released Asus Google Nexus 7 Tablet Screen Protector.

ZAGG invisible SHIELD for Asus Google Nexus 7 Tablet - Full Body is made of military grade material. It protects your display screen from scratches, cracking and other damage, and reduces glare, smears and smudges. Zagg film is easy to install and has a fairly rubbery texture. But I have to re-spray the surface for some extra squeegee work. If not completely satisfied with it, you can return it within 45 days using a lifetime replacement warrant.

How To Copy Text From Gmail On nexus 7

As a nexus 7 user, you might are finding a way to copy the text from Gmail app and then paste it in any text fields of other installed app, such as notes, email or remind. Here is the step by step to copy text from Gmail to clipboard on nexus 7 tablet.

* Touch the official Gmail app to launch.
* Open the mail message and long press on the text that you want to copy.
* Two arrows will be enabled on the text. hold the first arrow and drag it to the starting point, and another to the end point. Once finished, the selected part of the content is copied automatically to clipboard.

How to Install Incompatible Apps on nexus 7

When you come across apps on Google Play Market, some Android apps and games are incompatible with various devices. If you try to install it on unsupported Devices, it shows error message "This app is Incompatible with your Android  device". There are many ways to get these apps to work and here is a more effective method.

* Clear data from Settings 》 Apps 》 Google Play.
* You need to root your Android device. Install ES File Explorer from Google Play on your nexus 7. Launch it,go to Settings 》 Root Settings,enable Root Explorer and Mount File System.
* Navigate to /system, find the build.prop file (backup it first), tap on it and select open with ES Note Editor. Look for the ro.product.model and ro.product.manufacturer lines. If you want to imitate a Galaxy S3, use these lines:
ro.product.model = Galaxy S3
ro.product.manufacturer = samsung
Then save it.

Transfer apk via bluetooth from nexus7 to phone

When I try to transfer a .apk file from my nexus 7 to my friend's android phone, it just says that your device does not support such files. Then I use astro file manager and the bluetooth plug in app, transfer seems to be complete but nothing moves to the other device.

How to transfer apk via bluetooth from nexus 7 to phone
* The easiest way. Simply rename its extension from .apk to other format like .zip, .mp3 or .mp4. Once you receive the file,  go to rename its extension back.
* Install astro bluethooth module from Google Play. The app send anything faster on  Bluetooth networking. Extremely easy to use it.

Hide/remove navigation bar on nexus 7 for developer

On Android 4.1, the navigation bar contains the "back", "home" and "recent apps" buttons. If you play a movie or display a big picture, hide or remove the navigation bar is the best way to leave for more space, like watching YouTube video fullscreen in landscape. To develop Android app for nexus 7 tablet with the features, you can try the following codes:

package com.exercise.AndroidthePicture;

import android.os.Bundle;
import android.view.View;
import android.widget.ImageView;

public class AndroidBigPictureActivity extends Activity {
    public void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {
        ImageView myImageView = (ImageView)findViewById(;

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<LinearLayout xmlns:android=""
    android:orientation="vertical" >

        android:text="@string/hello" />


When app starts, the navigation bar hide. If you touch on the screen, the navigation bar comes back.

Connect to WiFi network with hidden ssid issues

I have got a problem while connecting my nexus 7 to a WiFi network with a hidden SSID on my  linksys G router at home. When I add it manually and enable SSID broadcast, it joins the network right away. Then go to disable broadcast, it will lost the connection and be out of range. but I can connect to the router fine using my Droid INc. How can I make nexus 7 WiFi to connect to non- broadcasted SSID?

* You might mess up a space or capitalized letter in SSID. Change the hidden SSID to something easy like 123456 for testing.
* Make sure the router don't have enabled MAC filtering. Manually add your SSID (encryption type and password) on your tablet. Then go to WiFi settings, Manage Networks and tap on the SSID to force it to connect.
* The hidden SSID is a minor annoyance with Android devices, especially with WPA2. If the tablet is still failed to detect, set your router to 802.11 B & G mode, not N mode.

Transfer files between nexus7 and android devices

You may love to send and receive files from one platform to another and have to move files to/from computers with micro USB cable. AirDroid for Android helps you transfer files and media between android devices and computer wirelessly and allows to control nexus 7 from web browser.

The setup is very easy. Once both devices and computer are on the same WiFi network and enter a six-digit password in AirDroid app, you are able to transfer individual files, music, photos and video media files from nexus 7 tablet to other phone or PC.

The app also offers other managerial tasks on your computer. Type the URL (a IP address with port) given by AirDroid in your browser and type a password code, you can uninstall apps, clipboard text, manage contacts/music, set wallpaper and view your N7's screen.

Dolphin Voice Control use Voice to browse web

The Dolphin browser HD for Android has some great built-in features and you can also add more features from Dolphin add-ons, such as gesture enabled navigation. Just draw an symbol to open a new tab, refresh or close webpage.

One of the most outstanding features is Voice Commands Control called Sonar. Long-pressing the small button in the bottom left corner of Dolphin and select using Sonar, then easily speak your browsing commands through the web on your nexus 7 tablet, like "Go to", "new tab" or "eBay Android 7-inch tablet cases" (take you directly to see some potentially cases) . Dolphin converts voice input by Google voice recognition API and will be added more site-specific commands.

Adjust audio playback speed on nexus 7

Do you often listen to podcasts or audiobooks and want to get them faster than normal speed? Is there a free android music player with the ability to adjust playback speed? Any suggestion?

Audio Speed Changer can help you modify the playback speed of audio files on your nexus 7 in realtime, without changing any audible pitch. The app sets the playback speed of mp3 or wav file slower or faster, by as little as 0.25x and as much as to  200%. The paid pro version can also change pitch and supports  ogg, mp4, aif, wma, flac, ac3 formats.

I use it with audiobooks and listen at 2x over a longer period of time. So much quicker and works perfectly on the tablet. It would be better if you can control with hot keys.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

How to stream music from PC to nexus 7

Instead of storing music and movies on your tablet, you can use your Mac/Windows PC computer as the cloud drive and remotely stream music from the computer to your nexus 7. Wiht Audiogalaxy, it's very simple to access your home library of music.

How to stream music from pc to nexus 7
* You need to create a account from website, install desktop program on Mac/Windows computer, and Audiogalaxy Music app on the tablet.
* On the computer, the software automatically find your music files and you can point out which to stream. Super easy to set up.
* On the tablet, open the app and you are able to stream music and playlists from your computer. There is no limits on collection size, but it only supports DRM-free MP3s and AAC files.

Nexus 7 won't connect to WiFi hotspot issue

I have turned my Verizon HTC Rezound phone into the Mobile Hotspot using FoxFi, but I can't get Nexus 7 to connect. The N7 shows it is secured to VZW hotspot network with WPA2. After I type the password on both device, the tablet just hangs on obtaining IP address without Internet.

I think I need to take them both to Verizon to make it working. My friend is using a Verizon MiFi 4510 hotspot with no issues. His N7 does connect to it and works fine.

Update: Changing the network's security settings from WPA to WEP on the router will fix the issues. Check the default gateway in your computer, enter it in web browser into the router configuration. Then you can do that from the WiFi security options.

Kingston Wi-Drive wireless storage for Nexus 7

The Nexus 7's maximum capacity of 8G/16GB doesn't allow you to store more android apps, HD movie and TV episodes on the internal. A microSD slot is compensated the limitation to get additional storage by most manufacturers, but not N7. Without upgraded to a new tablet, Kingston's ultra-slim Wi-Drive is portable wireless external Hard Drive that gets a easy way to extend storage of Nexus 7 tablet.

The Kingston Wi-Drive is easy to set up and acts as a bridge to transfer files over WiFi. You need to install the free Wi-Drive app on the tablet and Wi-Drive just shows up as an external drive. Once connected, I transferred photos, video files and documents from my Nexus 7 to the Wi-Drive without issues. Streaming movies works smoothly. It lets you feel like using everything locally.

Fix Facebook app stuck on uploading photos

I have tried uploading some photos within Facebook app for Android, but it just stucks in the notification area and no way to cancel. How can I fix the issues?

If you have got the same issues with FaceBook app on nexus 7, try the following methods to fix it:
* Restarting the tablet.
* The easiest way is go to Setting - Apps, select Facebook and tap on clear data.
* Open the Facebook app, tap on Menu and choose Logout. Then tap Yes to remove the data.

If you still can't upload the photos, open the Chrome to access  the Mobile Facebook site and sign in with your account. This is the reliable way.

Stream video on nexus 7 with Dropbox

The Dropbox app for Android has updated with streaming video support. Without video files take up the precious storage, you can stream video stored in your Dropbox account to nexus 7.

Fisrt you need to have installed or updated the latest version of Dropbox app on your tablet. After log into Dropbox,  simply navigate to any video compatible file and tap on the one and select stream. Then you can enjoy watching movies over WiFi network.

I have got the issues on my N7 (8GB) unlocked. Video just start playing about 5 minutes from dropbox and then it will freeze and force close itself. However, the same things works fine on on my Epic 4GT and computer.

Couldn't display the book in Play store on nexus 7

I have purchased the child book "The Adventures of Tintin: The Mystery of the Missing Wallets" through Google Play and it appeared under the My Books library. After restarting my tablet, I open play store, tap on menu and go to books section. When I try to to open the book, it shows a error message "Couldn't display the book." Try downloading and making it available offline and not working. Is it not compatible with the device? How can I fix the issues?

If the Google Play app no longer opens any book on your nexus 7, try do this temporary solution. Touch Setting, go to Apps and select "Google Play", tap on "clear cache" and "clear data". Then the app should load books fine.

Holo Launcher HD/Plus for nexus 7

Holo Launcher HD, based on Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean, is a highly powerful Launcher for nexus 7. The app is available free in the Google Play store and has lots of useful basic features:  Custom up to 9 desktop pages and drawer portrait, customizable shortcut/folder icons and icon label color, desktop previews, backup/restore settings and make home key action.

The developers also release another paid version Holo Launcher Plus. It unlocks the extra features, such as customizable notification, more desktop gestures and transition effects.

I have tried the free Holo Launcher and it works properly on my nexus 7. But when I transit from one home screen to other, the Launcher stutters. Overall, it has lots of good potential and will become more great.