Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Youtube connection to server lost on Nexus 7

For some time, I get issues with loading videos from the youtube application on Nexus 7 with WiFi network. When I try to play the video, it always shows error message "Connection to server lost, touch to retry." But the Netflix stream flawlessly on both my N7 and desktops computer. Clearing cache, re-install it but not working. I have the stock tablet, without root.

Finally I toggle the HQ button to OFF while watching a movie, the video starts to load perfectly. However, this is only a work around. If I re-enable HQ feature, the issue still remains.

Does anybody know about how to fix it?


  1. On my n7 youtube video plays flawlessly at any resolution. I have an "N" router, do you have sufficient speed/bandwidth?

  2. My n7 plays youtube video perfectly, at any resolution. I have an "N" router, is yours fast enough?