Thursday, July 19, 2012

USB Driver not installing on Windows 7

My Nexus 7 is runing Android 4.1.1 JRO03D. When I plug it into my PC computer (Windows 7 32bit), it fails to install the drivers and I can't unlock the bootloader. I have checked the Asus website and can't find any driver that works for the Nexus 7.

If USB Debugging is set to enable on your tablet, it prevents you from installing the drivers on your computer. The drivers only works with the device NOT in USB Debug mode. When you  turn it off, the drivers will install instantly and everything cooperates with the computer.


  1. No that didn't happen,thanks anyway.Still no drivers installed on windows. I am having the same problem,I have the same build.

  2. turning OFF USB Debugging worked for me,
    (I'm also on JB v4.1.1)

    Win7 installed drivers after rebooting Nexus 7, which allowed me to copy files back and forth.