Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Unfortunately NFC service has stopped on Nexus 7

I am very excited to get my new Nexus 7 tablet. After turn it on and set up everything, finally the welcome sceen pops up a error message "Unfortunately, NFC Service has stopped". I touch "OK" button, but the error keeps coming again and no way for me to input my WiFi password.

I have tried a hard reset but not working. The process go slowly and stuck on a Google screen. Then I power it down and turn it back on after a minute. Tap the big white arrow to get it to go away. Then I get "Wow.. ummm....thats a new one...." on the screen and hasn't seen the error message since.

That sounds like a hardware issue with Nexus 7. If you still can't fix the iuuses, you should look to return it and get a new one.


  1. I just got mine and I'm having the same issue. Trying a hard reset. I'll update this if it works.

    1. Yeah, this didn't work at all. At this point I've done too much to document. Right now I'm trying to find out how to enable USB Debugging without being able to get into settings.

  2. My 8gb nexus 7 also does the same thing. As soon as it is powered up the message "Unfortunately, NFc Service has stopped". I could not continue because it pops back up after I press ok or report. I'm trying to return it to get a replacement. I used my wife 16 gb nexus 7 and I like it. Hopefully this is an isolated issue.

  3. This was a total pain, but I figured it out. Just keep hitting ok and in the split second that the dialog goes away, make your way through the set up screens, just skipping everything. When you get to the launcher screen (which also threw errors in my case) pull down on the notifications bar and hit the settings button. Click on "More..." under Wireless & Networks and put it in airplane mode. That will stop the dialog nightmare. Then I set up my WiFi network so that I could download Jelly Bean 4.1.1, which you can do from settings under "About tablet" and then System Updates. After the update the problem was gone.

  4. I spoke too soon. The problem continues.

  5. I met the same problem.What' more,I got another error on the screen "Unfortunately,Launcher has stopped" What can I?I am in China,How can I sent it back to google and get a new one!

  6. Got the replacement for the nexus 7 after talking to customer service. Returned the one that has the error "Unfortunately, NFc service has stopped". Am happy with the replacement.