Monday, July 23, 2012

Turn Nexus 7 to access 3G with MiFi

The Nexus 7 WiFi tablet has less-expensive. If you couldn't wait for the 3G version and instead had to get the Wi-Fi version, turn your tablet with 3G right away. But it seems to be no way unless you root the device.

How to Turn Nexus 7 to access 3G with MiFi
The easiest solution is to buy a Novatel MiFi device. The MiFi is a portable wireless router that takes the 3G signal it receives and broadcasts it as a Wi-Fi signal. On your Nexus 7, you will find the MiFi signal available in your Wi-Fi networks. Just connect it and go to Web surfing and video streaming wirelessly over 3G. In addition, you also need to buy monthly data plan.

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