Saturday, July 21, 2012

Turn Nexus 7 into a Phone with Google Voice

Nexus 7 doesn't have a SIM card slot and cell phone capabilities. If you are fantasizing about using your tablet as an oversized internet phone, the Talkatone app with a Google Voice number can help you make all your dreams to come true.

Talkatone free calls & texting is Android app that allows you to make and receive unlimited calls and text messages with your Google Voice number over WiFi, or any phone number in US or Canada. The official Google Voice only let you send text messages, but this app make it easy to answer incoming calls on  Nexus 7. If the voice quality become more clearer, that would be great for me.


  1. I'm using Spare Phone. Haven't tried Talkatone but I will. My problem with making calls though, is that unless I use wired headset people I think I'm an alien echoing so bad!

    So my problem I can't figure out how to get Bluetooth headset to work for Spare Phone. I'll try Talkatone though! Thanks!

  2. I'm using Spare Phone on the Nexus 7 too for google voice calls. I can successfully use bluetooth during a call by clicking bluetooth in the menu of the app. As long as bluetooth is enabled on the Nexus 7 already you'll see this in the menu of Spare Phone.