Monday, July 16, 2012

Transferring Kindle Books to Nexus 7

If you doesn't always carry a Kindle with you or don't have one, look into the Kindle application. It's easy to transfer your Kindle Books to a Nexus 7 tablet. Here is the steps about how to do that.

* Make sure your Nexus 7 has a Kindle app and WiFi connection.
* On your computer,  log in the Amazon website, Click the "My Account" and then "Manage Your Kindle". Find the book that you want to send to your tablet, click on the "Actions" button next to it, and select "Kindle for Android" in "Kindle Library" screen.
* Go back to Nexus 7, log in to your account in the Kindle app, and click "Archive.". Then the book will be download on the tablet.


  1. I see no "Kindle for Android" option on the "Manage Your Kindle" screen at

  2. How can you move your mobi-files from computer to your Nexus 7?

    1. Are you people even listening? You download the PC version of the Kindle APP and then use it to transfer your file to your Nexus 7. But forget about that - if you want to see something really cool, go get FB Reader + TTS, as well as the Ivona speech voices in the language of your choosing off the Google Play, and use Calibre to convert your MOBI or HTML files to EPUB so FBReader (if need be) so it will READ YOU YOUR BOOKS TO YOU.

    2. Why not let your Android read the books to you? It only works with EPub files but you can convert them for free with Calibre if necessary. Then go to google play and get FBReader and the TTS plug in, as well as a voice of your choosing from Ivona. Please google this I can't do it all for you. When you're done you will be able to start FBReader and then choose "Speak" at the bottom of the menu. Works tremendously on the Droid Razr - haven't tried on my Jelly-o-bean yet but I see no reason for it not to. Go try it and get back to me. Andyman

  3. I got it. I also wanted to load the mobi files I had on my computer onto my new Google nexus. I tried kendel, I tried nook. on both, I tried several ways to load my books on the nexus to no avail. I download Calibre, as there video said it would work, but It didn't work for the nexus. Then I tried Cool Reader and at last it worked fine. You can download the cool reader app from nexus apps (search for it). Attach your nexus to you computer. Go to computer/nexus 7, and open. Make a new folder called Books, copy and paste the mobi files into the Books folder. On nexus open Cool Reader, and tap the three dots on the bottom right, then tap open file, there are the books.

  4. I have purchased books for my Kindle, but the Kindle app on Nexus 7 doesn't read them aloud for me. My old Kindle will, but not the Kindle app on N7. So, I've started buying from the Google Play store, but it's a pain. Why not make the app to read out loud? Then I might buy more books from Amazon.