Monday, July 16, 2012

Should I root my Nexus 7

Many smartphones and tablets are running the Android OS system. One of many useful features is the openness. If you have Nexus 7 tablet, you might want to root it. You may ask this question "Should I root my Nexus 7 tablet?"

When you buy Android tablet, you only have the limitations to use the OS. Rooting Nexus 7 gives you full access to the basic or "root" level of the tablet, like jailbreaking iPhone or iPad device.

The Benefits to Rooting bring some positive features, including access to more Applications that's only available to rooted tablets, improved Performance and having the latest version of OS. However, there are also some drawbacks to rooting, such as voided warranty, being bricking device if rooting incorrectly, and less security. So that is depending on what type of user you are.

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