Thursday, July 19, 2012

Screen protector touch issues with Nexus 7

After adding Shadowgun screen protector on my Nexus 7, I start experiencing touch issues. Now it's not registering lots of my touches. In FPS game or 3rd person shooters, the character  randomly spin 180 or no response while I am controling it.  using a bit of rubbing alcohol on the screen, but no effect. How to fix the touch issues on Nexus 7 tablet?

* The cheap screen protectors may cause the issues. You'd better get a better one, such as Targus, Zagg, or Wrapsol. These accessories have good quality and works fine.
* If your touches is still not registering, you need to clean any grease or fingerprints off the screen. Because they reduce the sensitivity .

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  1. I also had similar issue. Removing the protector seems to be helping, lets see if it is good enough in the long run. Fingers crossed.