Monday, July 23, 2012

Nexus 7 speakers not working & crackling

I have used my Nexus 7 for about 3 days and find some issues with internal speakers. The sound is a bit tinny and volume is also not especially loud while I am playing youtube videos. If I change the speaker at higher levels, sounds become fuzzy and distort. But my PLayBook have full stereo sound. It seems to be a loudness issue. Using a speaker boosting app helps me a little.

When the volume is completely muted or turn the screen off, the speakers are still crackling at random, even disabled sound in the  settings. Sometime it stops working and I have to get it back by reboot tablet.

Hope Google quickly releases a software update to fix the issues.


  1. I am having a similar problem. If you turn the volume over 50% or so, then the sound crackles and is very difficult to hear. It also seems to make the device vibrate. I tried listening to the Transformer movie and its hardly audible. The dialog is very difficult to hear and I do not believe I could listen to a movie on the device. I plugged in external speakers and it sounds great.

    I am trying to find a store with a display model so i can listen to another one to find out if all of them are like this or if mine is defective, in which case I will return it.

    Does anyone have one that they believe produce good (or at least decent sound)?


  2. I had the same problem noticed it on day one, I payed for a perfect tablet so I wasn't willing to put up with sub par! I don't know about you guys but 200$ is still a lot to me, so I called Google it couldn't have been any easier! Wait time was like a minuet, the guy told me it was a known issue, and set me up for a exchange ( there exchanges work in this way, they send you a new one once you get that new one you then send the old one back. Must be back in 21 days) bottom line this is bad hardware there will be no software fix and if there is it will be no more then a band aid on a dismembered arm as it were! You only get 15 days to exchange with Google! And then you are left with Asus I have worked with them in the past, and it takes a while to get your stuff back.. call Google you can play with you old tab till you get your new one

  3. it sounds like you have a rare broken speaker or you don't know how to listen to things at proper volumes the us you blew out your speakers which is your own fault

  4. Masa1607 you called google or asus? because have the same problem ¬¬

  5. The one I bought my grandson for Xmas was having the same issue....believe it or not, we turned it off, waited a couple minutes,turned it back on and it was fixed