Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Nexus 7 screen flickering problem

When I am browsing website using Google chrome on my Nexus 7, I am experiencing the screen flickers. The screen goes mental and is constantly blinking. Although doesn't make me crazy, it is definitely distracting. Then I have to get out of the app. This strangely only happen with chrome except for any other apps. After tried changing brightness settings and restarting the tablet, it's no change.

This is a known software problem with Nexus 7 screen. Turning off automatic brightness may solve it. Hopefully the next update will fix this issue.


  1. Actually, this issue has been further narrowed down.

    It appears to be related to Wifi usage - if you are using Wifi heavily (i.e. web browsing, maps is particularly bad) with low brightness in dim surroundings - the screen noticeably flickers whilst Wifi data is transmitted.

    Heres hoping for a software fix, but it seems hardware related to me....

  2. I am experiencing the same issue. Extremely annoying. May send back to Google.

  3. I have the same problem as well. Returned the first divice but same thing happens on the second one.