Thursday, July 12, 2012

My Nexus 7 tablet not charging properly

I have got third-part charger from Amazon. Plug it in Nexus 7 tablet and it says it's not charging. The tablet doesn't have fully charged and the battery is empty. How can I make it to work?

* You'd better use the charger that came with your Nexus 7 tablet. The charger is rated at 2A.
* If your charger is rated less than a current of 2A or less. The tablet may not charge at all or charge slowly.


  1. I recently purchased my tablet on 9/22/12 and it will not work. I used the tablet all of 3 times. I have not dropped it or anything like that. I purchased a case at the time of purchase and it has remained inside. I traveled with the tablet on 9/29/12 when it stopped working. I attempted to charge it while in the car but the light indicator never came on. When I returned home I attempted to charge it again but still the light nor the tablet will come on. Please advise if there is anything I can try.

  2. I have a Nexus 7 too and its not charging either. I tried using a bunch of other chargers and nothing happens. Now the tablet wont even turn on anymore because Im guessing its so dead. I dont know what the problem is. Before it was working and on but it didnt charge. Now it wont even power up. All it does is the backlight turns on for a few seconds and than turns off. Its brand new and now dosent charge. :(