Thursday, July 19, 2012

How to view offline files in Google Drive on Nexus 7

Google Drive is a great cloud storeage service, like Dropbox. With Google Drive Android app, you are able to view files offline or cached files on your Nexus 7 tablet without any internet. However, it currently doesn't support "offline editing".

Setup Google Drive Offine Viewing
* First of all, open and login to your Google Drive app.
* In your Drive list, open an item's preview pane, tap the "Menu" button and then touch "Make available offline" in the drop-down menu.
* You can also touch and hold the file to do that.

Access and update offline cached files
* Whne there is no internet connectivity on your Nexus 7, open the app and touch "Offline" on its landing page.
* If you want to update your offline files while the tablet connects to network, touch "Update" button, open the items and touch "Refresh"

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