Sunday, July 15, 2012

How To View 3D Buildings in Google Maps On Nexus 7

With Google Maps 6.0 comes with 3D Buildings and Offline Routing. 3D Buildings models help you visualize the relationship new buildings, such as village, town, and city. Google Maps 3D Buildings are available in some cities: Chicago, Hartford, New York, Mexico City, Washington and etc.

If you in a large city, 3D maps can tell what side of the address and street is on. Here is the tutorial to how to view 3D Buildings in Google Maps on Nexus 7 tablet.

* Touch Google Maps, and search for an address in a large city. * Using your finger to pinch to zoom in until it's in street level.
* Then the 3D building start to fill your Nexus 7's screen. You can drag two fingers down on the display to change the perspective from birds-eye view.

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