Friday, July 13, 2012

How to use Street View in Google Maps on Nexus 7

Google Maps is a dedicated Android app offering Street View feature for users to explore the world at ground level, such as natural wonders, restaurants or world landmarks. However, Street View is not available for all areas.

How to Open/access Street View at Particular Location on Nexus 7 tablet
* Make sure your tablet has installed Google Maps app.
* Open the app, and go to the particular location. Touch and hold the location on a map. An info window will be opened with a Street View thumbnail.
* Touch the info window and select the "Street View" icon.

How to Navigate within Street View on Nexus 7
* In the street view mode, you can move forward and backwards on the road.
* To zoom a point directly, drag the Pegman icon to it. Double-tap a point to zoom in, and touch once to zoom out.

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