Wednesday, July 25, 2012

How to Use Cloud Print on Nexus 7

The iPad has an AirPrint feature which let you wirelessly print to any AirPrint-enabled printer, but Nexus 7 doesn't has that. If you want to print photos, email, web pages, and documents from the Nexus 7, Google Cloud Print can help you.

How to Use Cloud Print on Nexus 7
* On your computer, login to using your Google account and set up Cloud Print.
* On the tablet, install Cloud Print app from the Play Store.After launch it, the main interface shows a few options. Tap the "Settings", log in to the same Google account, and then choose "Google Cloudprint ready".
* Now the feature integrates with the Android Share menu of any relevant app. For example, open a pohto in Gallery app, press "Share" option 》Cloud Print. In the confirmation screen, tap  "Page setup" to change the page size and orientation. Then tap "Click here to Print" and it will be sent to your assigned printer.

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