Sunday, July 29, 2012

How to transfer/read .mobi files on Nexus 7

I have a laptop stored lots of kindle format book .mobi files. Now I want to put some books onto my Nexus 7 and read them. How can I transferr files to the tablet and which ebook viewer I should use?

Cool Reader is one of the best ebook reader and supports  mobi (non-DRM). The simplest to move is a normal USB transfer.
* Plug your N7 into your PC using the USB cable.
* A new disk drive will show up under "My Computer". Open it and create a "Books" folder. Drag and drop your EPUB books (no DRM) into it.
* On your tablet, open Cool Reader app and tap the three dots to import. Once you're done, select a book and start reading. You can also try Dropbox to sync/share files between your devices.

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