Wednesday, July 11, 2012

How To Transfer Files From Your Nexus 7 To Computer

I just got a new Nexus 7 tablet. Now the internal memory of the tablet has not enough space to store my music video. And I want to move my files from Nexus 7 to my PC. How can I transfer files?

You can transfer files to/from the tablet using two methods:
* Use a USB cable to connect your tablet to a Windows computer, and Nexus 7 will be mounted as a drive. Open Windows Explorer and go into the removable drive listed from your tablet. Then you are able to transfer music, pictures, and other files.
* Transferring files using WiFi nettion. You need to download and install Android Sync Manager app on both your Nexus 7 and computer. After a Pin code entered and connected,  you can easily transfer files.

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  1. The copy is not working for me. I get no indication that anything is wrong but the files don't show up on my Windows 7 PC. I did get an error message when I tried to copy an existing file but that's it.